June 29, 2022

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How to choose best international schools in Pune?

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best international schools

There are various options in pre-school but the most important part is to select the correct pre-school. After selecting the preschool it is important to meet the timeline and the deadline for application for admission for some parents it is not a stress and they take the admission of kids very lightly and not worry much about Best International School in Pune

The most important things which needs to be followed to find top international schools in Mumbai are:

  1. It is suggested to begin the search of pre-school at least before the intended date of admission: it is suggested to take a longer time to ensure all the formalities which are required by the pre-school for the admission of students can be met, and also a year ago the curriculum and other routine things can be understood by the parents.
  2. Attending fairs: the best way to find anything is by attending fairs and similarly it is beneficial if the parents take a visit to the preschool fairs which maybe happening in the locality for getting recommendation of names of schools. 
  3. Plan a visit: parents can take a visit to the school and understand the philosophy and process followed for admission and accordingly can submit the application for admission and follow all the requisites. It is suggested to carry all the question along to get them answered from the authorities to ensure no double trouble for same things.
  4. Schedule and age: most of the pre-schools are not full time or full day some of the pre-schools are for a few hours a day and some of the pre-schools are few hours a day on alternate weekdays and therefore it is important to understand the schedule and age group of the pre-school. Usually the preschool program is of 12 months in duration for top international schools in Mumbai. 
  5. The recommendation from teachers to student ratio: the recommended ratio is that there should be 1 adult for every 4 child and the maximum number of students in a batch should be 20 and the least ratio for adult to children must be 1:10
  6. Signs of good play school: the relationship of the child with the staff of the preschool, the language which is used in the classroom, the behaviour and friendliness of the staff and the ways how the teachers interact with the children. It is also recommended to have home to school connection.  It is recommended and important that there is connection and involvement of the families in the preschool activities which offers a great support for the children.
  7. Potty training policy: the potty training policy need to be verified before taking admission, because many of the schools do not provide potty training and that’s how the parents need to figure out what they expect and how they wish to proceed.
  8. Food habits: sometimes the pre-schools have restrictions of food that can be carried or which is served by them to children.
  9. Trust the gut feeling: after considering all the above, the parents need to trust their gut feeling as to what is the best option according to them.
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