Look for These Features in a Financial Planning Application

Financial planning applications are taking the world by storm. They are helping people understand the nature of their finances and make the most out of their income. In other words, financial planning is the first step one should take once they start earning. The earlier one starts to make the most of their finances, the more efficient decisions they are able to make in their lifetime. In other words, financial stability throughout the lifetime depends a lot upon a lot of decisions one makes every day of their early life.

While it seems like you might be controlling a lot of your finances, it is difficult to know when things get out of hand. A usual expense can turn into a big blunder without even realizing it, and this might set you distant for your goal. Therefore, financial planning becomes of vital importance in today’s world.

For financial planning to happen seamlessly in your life, businesses are looking forward to mobile applications. In other words, there is no other platform best suited to utilize the potential of financial planning. Mobile apps are also a good choice for this purpose because they are being used in every sphere of life.

And no matter which job you pursue, you are bound to have a mobile phone by your side. Even for the littlest things today, we turn to our phones. Be it making a call, texting someone, booking an Uber, ordering food, reading something, responding to emails, and more. The mobile phone has become our go-to device for all purposes.

This made the start-ups and organizations invested in financial planning to capitalize on the opportunity of mobile applications. As a result of this, more and more people are building a mobile application for personal finance from scratch.

As companies explore the world of mobile apps there are different architectures they are adopting. This depends on the requirements of the user and the ways people are using it for their income management. Let’s take a look at different kinds of apps and the features of the most promising ones.

Types of Personal Financial Applications

Depending upon the requirements of the user and the nature of the organization that built the application, there are majorly two kinds of mobile apps. While both of these focus on helping you make the most of your income, one is more manual and the other is automated.


As the name suggests these are that kind of applications that track income and expenditures for you without any hassle. They are called simple because they demand manual entry of data into the application. Nonetheless, they work just fine and help you track every inch of your income.

One of the biggest advantages of these apps is that they have zero risk factor. And this is because instead of automatically linking any accounts etc. you manually enter the data. Even though the entire process is a little time-consuming, you get to manage your finances at very little costs.


The other category of mobile applications concerning financial planning is complex or feature-packed apps. They are advanced applications that allow you to manage your bank account and cards by automatically linking them to the app. In other words, you don’t have to manually enter the data in the app and everything gets done for you.

These apps are highly efficient and help you save a lot of time. Moreover, they are all-encompassing and allow you to accomplish multiple tasks without any difficulties. The best part of using complex financial planning apps is that you get instant notifications about money and management processes so that you never lose a track of anything.

Additional Features for Your Financial Planning Application


One of the most important features of the financial planning application is security. Whether you’re entering the data regarding your income and expenses, or if the app is directly tracing it from your account, security is fundamental. For example, the financial app can ask for your biometric signature or multi-step verification among others.

Account Integration

For a financial app to help you manage your finances easily, it must be able to take a look at all your existing accounts. Therefore, make sure to integrate all your accounts and cards including credit and debit cards using ETL services.

AI Algorithms

Your financial management application must have an AI algorithm that helps you analyze your funds properly. In other words, AI in the finance app helps you view spends depending upon your usage. It adds a layer of personalization to your usage helping you gain a deep insight into your finances. 


Chatbots in finance apps help you quickly reach out for help. There are times when you’d need advice on something instantly. Therefore, in times like this, it is advisable for an app that provides an instant messaging facility.

Chatbots can help you in several ways. They can help you track down your finances and make the right decision every time. Therefore, before you go onto finding the right app, make sure you keep these features in mind.

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