Developing your very own UberEats Clone Application

Thanks to the advent of food delivery mobile apps, people can order their food of choice from their loved restaurants. Everything is accomplished in a few clicks, and delicious food is delivered instantly to your home or workplace.

There are many such apps like UberEats that contributed to this successful trend. So how would you develop such an app?

Before we get to that aspect, there are some interesting facts:

(i) The phenomenal growth of on-demand food delivery apps is estimated to generate profits amounting to 35 billion this year.

(ii) On an annual basis, the delivery sales are exponentially growing at 20%

(iii) It is also revealed that around 33% of food delivery app users are willing to pay an additional amount should the food get delivered rapidly.

These facts are enough to make you wield the power of an UberEats Clone Script to capitalize on this successful market trend.

Now coming to On-Demand Services, there are a few types like Person to Person (Example Uber), Enterprise to Person (Dominos) and the rarely used Enterprise to Enterprise service (Example UberRush).

Select the appropriate model based on the App’s functional locality and choose with proper research as this can enhance your App’s overall longevity.

App Development Stages:

(i) Now, after the step, as mentioned above, is done, begin the development by working on the UberEats Clone Script.

(ii) Next, decide upon the features that are to be included in your App. Although the UberEats clone Script comes with packed features, it is the superior yet unique features that will make your App to stand out in terms of competition ultimately.

(iii) Post app development, start to launch the App on various mobile platforms and begin the marketing for your product.

Now let’s speak in detail about the features that must be included in the UberEats Clone Script:

Features to be incorporated in the User App:

  • Simplicity in Sign Up: This also includes registration by harnessing the power of social media accounts. Make sure to include OTP to prevent what is called fake profile registrations.
  • Searching by preference: Here, the user base can search for eateries that are categorized as based on style or some other grouping.
  • Real-Time Tracking: This mandatory and exciting feature allows people to track their orders in real-time, and they can also get to know the approximate time when the food will reach their doorsteps.
  • Payment Options: This allows different payment methods thru cash or credit card or debit card or any e-wallet.

Features related to Delivery Person App:

This includes In-app chat features to facilitate seamless interaction with the users, Accepting or Declining a Request and the Availability Toggle feature as well.

Features related to the Restaurant Vendor App:

As in the case of Delivery Person App, there is an Availability Toggle Feature here. Other features include an advanced profile to optimize the restaurant’s reputation and the option to accept or decline the User’s advanced schedules.

Now with that said, let’s see how a Food Delivery App works:

  • The App is downloaded from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Registration is done.
  • The User has to provide authentication for the App to use Navigation Facilities.
  • Next, the locations in the neighbourhood are displayed, and the User can select his choice to order his/her favourite food.
  • This is followed by Payment, where the given eatery accepts the given order.
  • The delivery personnel then picks up the order, and the User can track it in real-time via the App.
  • In the end, after the food is delivered, the User can opt for sharing their experiences associated with the food delivery, the food and the eatery.


This on-demand food delivery app trend is worth several billions of dollars, and it is high time for aspiring entrepreneurs to capitalize on this dominant trend.

Should you want to get your food delivery app developed at the least cost and shortest time frame, you can very well approach to purchase its own unique UberEats Clone Script. We at Uberdoo guarantee to provide the best in terms of services.

Author Bio:

Prawin Chandru is an entrepreneur from the Canadian based Uberdoo company. Uberdoo specializes in providing 100% customizable and white labelled UberEats clones and other such clone products based on the ever-varying market demands.

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