Do Forex traders need a professional advantage?

Forex trading is an exciting opportunity. The money potential is huge and the lifestyle of the trader who frees him from the 9-5 routine is very attractive. And as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can register. But at home, are Forex traders preparing enough to be successful in Forex trading?

Don’t bring a knife for a shootout

You do not need to be hired to trade Forex or a bank. You can buy with your own money and from your home. But don’t forget that you trade on the same markets against the big players. Therefore, you need to take your business seriously and prepare yourself by treating your Forex trading as a serious business.

Imagine entering to apply for a job as a currency trader, and when asked about your experience, he said, “I learned a MACD system from an Internet forum.” Do you think you will be hired? In my opinion, if you enter the foreign exchange market with such limited preparation, it’s like taking a knife for a shooter … you have no chance.

Learn Forex from a professional with real experience

From whom you learn Forex trading is very important. You will learn from someone with REAL experience. And just because you are a home retailer does not mean that you should look exclusively for other people at home for advice. Find someone who has worked in banks and developed business systems for a professional vision.

When you receive professional training, don’t make the mistake of sticking to the faith of the past. You probably need professional advice because what you’ve learned so far doesn’t work. You shouldn’t have to say that … but some traders sabotage themselves by sticking to past beliefs that don’t work and hesitate to follow the advice of a professional trader who teaches a proven system. Do not do that.

Use the professional tools used by professionals

One of the biggest differences between home and professional retailers is the tools they use in their business. Each trading platform has several tons of indicators. And there is a lot of personal Internet floating around. But these public indicators have a major gap … they are falling in price. It’s like trying to drive your car by looking in the rear view mirror read the full info here

Professional dealers focus on price targets. And instead of constantly looking back, they are developing formulas and methods to consider. “Where is the price likely to go?” Is the main subject, not “where was the price”. If you are taking out one of these articles, I hope this point follows you. Looking into the future instead of looking back makes the big difference between Forex traders and professionals.

If you want to be successful as a Forex trader at home, you need a professional advantage. If you have learned golf, who would prefer advice from … Tiger Woods or the local golf course ball cleaner? The same goes for learning how to trade Forex successfully and profitably.

Business psychology? Don’t give a damn; I’m going to make money here!

Currency trading is becoming an attractive business opportunity. Thousands of traders around the world are tempted by the idea of   making a lot of money at home. It is too easy to start trading Forex today. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a small amount of extra money. All currency brokers will provide you with an advanced trading platform, free card packages and basic training. Everyone can do it. But if you’re smart enough, here are some quick questions for you:

Don’t you think something is missing here?

Have you ever wondered why 95% of currency traders lose money? And if so, who are the real currency winners?

Do the big dogs of the Forex industry return to the “stupid” herd, just like the tobacco industry not long ago?

Well, your instincts are correct. Again, no one is telling you the truth: “There is no easy money in Forex trading. The Forex industry knows this. They know that free mapping packages, numerous indicators and free basic and technical analysis courses will not make you a profitable trader. In fact, most currency brokers have it and use it to their own advantage. They know that even the above average intelligent people miss the most important thing, which is a prerequisite for any successful professional career. Here are two additional questions:

In a market with a daily trading volume of a few trillion dollars, someone has to make money, right? It is obvious.

So if most currency traders lose money, what makes the few “blessed” people who trade for a living so special? What is the “secret” ingredient that most traders miss?

Here is the answer to summarize: most traders who are human have basic human characteristics. Every human being has these qualities. It’s in our nature. Part of our D.N.A code I talk about traits like fear, greed and hatred for loss. I can name a few others, but the important thing is that all these characteristics have something in common: they have a DESTRUCTIVE effect on your job. In fact, KILLERS is a success. If you are “infected” and you are probably as if you were a human, no sophisticated trading system or set of indicators will help you. If you have business experience and are currently losing money, you already know what I’m talking about.

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