How do I reset my iPhone battery health?

Are you in trouble with the battery health of your iPhone?  There are several reasons for dropping iPhone battery health. It could be the intense running of the process. In this case, you have to wait some time for a setback.

Sometimes the battery is draining very fastly, in this case, reboot or restart the iPhone .it may work and your iPhone battery gives proper time iOS helps us to know about the usage of battery. Go to the setting menu and check your apps and services on how much consuming battery.

If apps and services and consuming battery like 4, 5, or 6 percent it’s fine, but if app and services show 30, 40 percent battery, it will be dangerous. Check out that what is wrong behind.

There are some important points to discuss charging and battery usage.

Charge cycle

A charge cycle means charged the battery 100% and uses it till it comes to zero. It calls one charge cycle. If you consume half battery its has a half-cycle complete. If you want to recharge you can it was no problem.

iOS support fully to the battery. iPhone(iphone reparatie roosendaal) and iPad are no need to charge fully, you can charge half and consume half betray. Thing need to conscious is that when iPhone si on charged leave the use.

Software updates

iPhone is continuously working on improving iOS and others. Battery health is also improved through the iOS operating system.

A new version of ISO comes with more enhancements in all functions. So when you updated your phone it also helps to improve the battery storage.


Temperature is very important to face in the battery health of the iPhone. Never be plugged your phone on charge when you come outside from hot weather.

Sometimes iPhone is overheated while on a charge, it is also a reason for losing battery health. Always be charged with an original data cable or MFI certified cables.

Avoid from doing wet

Water is dangerous for all electronic devices. The iPhone battery is directly damaged when it was wet. So try to keep iPhone dry for better battery health

Screen BrightnessDisplay on full brightness is consumed a lot of battery. You can b store more battery by setting the low brightness level.(Phone Repair Coventry

It will help to get a long duration which enhances the battery health factors. Try to use the auto-brightness function; it helps to maintain brightness level

Reduce Notification

The screen is bright when a notification comes from the app whether you read it or not. Too many notifications will be draining your battery very fastly

So it is recommended that allow only specific notification to maintain the battery health of the iPhone.

Background Apps

Background apps are the real ones who drain your battery very fast. Background apps made convenience us to go on back there, very shortly, but not good for battery health.

Try to make clear all unnecessary background apps after using it.

There are some more tips to boost your battery life

  • Avoid taking the phone in a hot temperature area. Heat damages the components of the battery.
  • When charging, place your phone on the metal surface
  • Avoid using the warm iPhone, wait for it to cool
  • Avoid dropping your phone
  • When charging, remove it from the console

In conclusion iPhone battery health totally depends on your end, how carefully you use your phone is more important for long battery health.

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