Even though you are going to work, it is always essential to look presentable enough to make an appearance. This goes for everyone in the working sector. There’s a particular way of dressing up for an office; this includes clothing, the best casual shoes for men or women, and other little details combined. 

You will have to look for a toned-down casual version that goes well with your office dresses. Especially, when you are dressing up for an official occasion, dress shoes are to be paired with grace! But there is a certain distinction you will notice between a typical dress shoe and a corporate one.

Apart from the looks and all the aesthetic aspects, professional office wear shoes for ladies must meet the comfort quotient. In this pro-work culture, people are doing 2-3 jobs daily to meet their living costs, and work hours are getting more intense in other cases. Hence, the shoe you wear to work has to be good enough to cause no discomfort throughout the day and for a long time.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Corporate Dress Shoe?

To understand the requirements for a corporate shoe, you will need to capitalize on a few factors. These factors will get you to find the shoe that you can wear to work and move around freely. So first, let us see the factors and then decide on the buying part.

Comfort Of The Shoe 

As stated before, comfort is the most important factor to consider. If the shoe is uncomfortable, you cannot wear it for long hours, which is crucial in offices. There are three specific things to look for in terms of comfort.

●   The shoe cushioning must be perfected with fabric or other synthetic padding material to protect it from getting strained.

●   To buy Professional Shoes For Women, you must find the proper fitting. Small shoe sizes will make it hard to wear and may even leave bruises in the process. More oversized shoes will tend to go off your feet.

●   Ergonomically fitted shoes will not rub off the insides, causing any signs of distress.

Shoe Design 

Secondly, you will have to be wary about the design. There are many things about the design that call back on the comfort factor and the corporate look you are trying to achieve. At first, straps, thick platforms, and heels are not apt to wear in offices for a long duration. To match the corporate standards, you will also need to refrain from bright colours and glitters. Instead, a toned-down, matted or sober look goes well within the office premises.

Shoe Detailing

Then there is shoe detailing. You need to think of these small things before buying Professional Office Wear Shoes For Ladies. Many shoes are designed with a pointy front. Although they might be good-looking, they can be uncomfortable to wear for longer periods. When investing in a good shoe, you must look for quality material. You will also have to worry about flexibility while holding your foot.

Type Of Shoes

There is a certain line to follow when buying a shoe for office usage. For regular usage, you might also need more than one pair of shoes, if one gets damaged, depending on the occasion or season. There can be different reasons to stack up different types of office shoes. For instance, you can wear dress shoes to the office in case of an official party.

4 Best Dress Shoes By Birkenstock 

Since you know all the factors in buying the Best Business Casual Shoes for Men and women, Birkenstock’s collection will blow your mind. We have hand-picked these dress shoes by a global shoe manufacturer that will be apt for corporate parties.


If this is a one-time occasion, you have to look your best. So while wearing the best dress possible, you must match it up with an equally dashing shoe. A classic wedge-heel sandal with a brown and black combination can be the perfect office look.


Birkenstock’s Samira is one of the best Professional Office Wear Shoes For Ladies with its crossed staps from frontal support. It also has back support with an adjustable circular buckle strap.


If you are searching for sophistication, Glenda is the best deal. Made out of natural leather, Glenda bores all the qualities of a classic strapped-wedge sandal. Unlike Sibyl, it does not come with a high heel. It also has an ankle strap that supports the entire heel area while walking.

Solely Ring-Buckle

Considering both fashion and comfort, Solely Ring-Buckle pulls off the perfect blend. It has a heel height corroborated by the adjustable ankle support. The ankle strap has a ring buckle that makes it look more elegant. There are different colors available, and the teal color is a unique one to have.


Dress shoes for women have been popular for a long time, but for going with a corporate look, you will have to look beyond the aesthetic facades. This is where Birkenstock comes in with their over the top collections. The company has an excellent reputation and legacy in shoe-making; hence, there is little to worry about the quality.