Tennis is a physically demanding sport, and your feet take the most punishment. Choosing a tennis shoe is an important aspect of the game, whether you’re a seasoned pro or this is your first time hitting the court. Tennis players have access to a wide range of playing styles, court types, and tennis shoes.

High-performance ASICS tennis shoes for men and women offer the best support to the players. The outsole of a tennis shoe is the most important consideration. Tennis shoes can be grouped according to the sort of surface they are made to perform on. The trade-off between stability, comfort, and weight is a crucial factor as well. Extremely stable and durable footwear is frequently heavy. However, lightweight footwear has the benefit of speed, enabling players to get to the ball more quickly.

When selecting tennis shoes, there are numerous things to take into account. Foot shape, playing styles, and court surfaces all have an impact. The following tips will help you select the ideal tennis shoes online for you.

Style of tennis shoes

Before making a purchase, it’s critical to understand the distinctions between tennis shoes and other forms of footwear. Tennis shoes are made with many stops and starts when moving around the court in mind. Depending on the sort of court surface you typically play on, tennis shoes are typically more flat with specially created patterns on the sole. Tennis shoes are designed to be more durable whereas other shoe types feature thicker, softer heels that reduce weight and cushioning to diminish impact. However, athletic shoes like running shoes are made for the repetitive forward motion of walking or running.

Perfect fit and size

The most evident factor in getting the appropriate fit may be the size of your shoes. However, how certain are you about your sizing? Your big toe should ideally be about 13 millimeters, or half an inch, from the front of your shoe. Using the width of your thumb as a short test that largely functions is effective. The front of your shoe should have enough room to prevent your toes from squeezing into one another, prevent blisters, and still allow them to breathe and keep cool. Conversely, wearing tennis shoes that are too big might cause your foot to move about excessively, which can result in blisters, problems with your calf muscles, and problems with your Achilles heel.

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Comfort level

Tennis shoes need to support a wide range of motion, including lateral motions, which are crucial when hitting the court, hence they are often stiffer than many other types of shoes. Nevertheless, certain ten-nis sneakers prioritize comfort more than others. Usually, you’ll want to opt for footwear with a roomy midsole. If the insole is removable, you can think about replacing it for more comfort as it can also offer increased support.


Tennis players play on hard courts the bulk of the time, thus their shoes need to be sturdy enough. The outsole at the bottom of the shoe, which is always in contact with the court, is one of the most important components of a shoe’s longevity. But it’s not the only component of the shoe that needs to be robust. The forward top portion of a tennis shoe can occasionally scrape the court during a slide or lunge, and the toe frequently makes touch with the surface of the court. Every player has different actions that might cause unanticipated wear, and different playing styles can cause wear in particular regions of a shoe.


Many tennis players associate weight with speed because it is a characteristic of tennis shoes. While a heavier shoe could feel a little slow, a lighter shoe feels quick. To achieve a desirable balance, shoe producers frequently compromise on weight, stability, and durability. A shoe will get lighter if material is removed from it, but usually this comes at the expense of the shoe’s stability or longevity.

Now that you know what to look for when buying tennis shoes online grab your pick today from online tennis shoe stores like ASICS and keep your style stand out!