August 13, 2022

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6 Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Kids at Home

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When you have children, you’re always looking for ways to enjoy yourselves as a family. Every day can’t be a vacation in a tropical place or at a fun park. The last thing you want to hear is your kids are bored. Be creative and tap into the many activities you can do while spending time together at home.

1. Build a Fort

Building a fort can fill hours with your children. Pick a location where you can go all out, such as the living room or one of your children’s bedrooms. Use anything you have at your disposal, including blankets, pillows, furniture, and a tent. Put your kids’ minds to work as you sit down together to draw plans for what the fort should look like, turning it into a STEM activity. 

The fun doesn’t end once the fort has been completed. You can all spend the day inside the fort having snacks, playing board games, reading together, or watching a movie. Let the kids camp out in their fort for the night. They’ll remember fort day for the rest of their lives.

2. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Encourage your children to have a spirit of adventure with a scavenger hunt in your backyard or in the house. Plan the hunt ahead of time, thinking about interesting items that are common in the area. You can also buy toys and games from a discount store, such as the Dollar Store, and scatter them in hiding places. 

When the scavenger hunt is over, discuss their discoveries. If your kids love pirates, watch a movie to go with the theme first. Dress up before venturing on the hunt. Add writing to make the activity more educational as your children record their findings in a journal.

3. Get Scientific

Kids are fascinated by science in school. Bring that excitement into your own home. Explore books that focus on human anatomy for kids or other science books. You can play doctor and see if they can identify important organs in the body or do experiments together that are geared for children, such as creating a cyclone inside two bottles that are taped together or building a volcano. Check out online videos and articles for plenty of options you can enjoy together.

4. Break Out the Baking Pans

There’s nothing better than the scent of fresh baked goods drifting through the house. Work together with your children to pop a favorite treat in the oven. Dig out the cook books to whip up cookies, cake, cupcakes, or make something new. You can also encourage your children to contribute to their community by making donations of baked goods to the needy or doing a fundraiser for charity.

5. Try Out Your Acting Skills

Why watch a movie or a play when you can act out your own? You and your children will need to write the script for your play. It could be something you make up or a recreation of a favorite. This activity could really stretch by the time props are completed and everyone practices their lines. Bring in a friend or partner to film the entire endeavor at the end. Take it to the next level by inviting friends from school and the neighborhood to enjoy the performance. Serve popcorn and drinks to bring the theater to your living room.

6. Help Things Grow

Gardening can be therapeutic for people of all ages. Children love to dig in the dirt when they play. Why not make it productive by planting flowers and vegetables? Start the seeds inside in egg cartons, plastic cups, or small pots. The plants can be moved outside in the late spring and summer. If the kids want to plant seeds at other times of year, look online for an inexpensive green house that can be put up at home. You can also look for do-it-yourself projects to fill your surroundings with more greenery. Plants can decorate every window in your home, purifying the air while it gives the kids a sense of accomplishment.

Closing Thoughts

When you’re looking for something fresh and entertaining to do at home, think outside the box. It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day. Ask your kids to brainstorm with you. Be sure to get photos to capture the moment. You can save memories from your adventures together in a scrap book.

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