The Uncertain Future of Uber Taxis Following Council’s Decision

Brighton and Hove council have given Uber another six months for operation. The decision was made earlier this month after an intensive boardroom meeting between the two parties.

The council made this decision stating that the 6 month time span was given so as to allow it to monitor the outcome of the decision taken by the Transport for London Uber and see if there were any direct implications.

Although there has been no evidence to suggest that there were issues with public safety, there are various concerns that have been raised. That is why Uber is working in close relations with the council so as to address these problems and give assurance to the public and visitors that their safety is of utmost importance.

The National law states that licensed drivers can drive anywhere in the country. This means that drivers who are licensed elsewhere can drive in the city. There are other authorities where licensing conditions are different to that of Brighton and Hove.

A spokeswoman has stated that the authority is working with Uber in a bid to ensure that safety standards were being maintained as well as addressing the challenges that technology has introduced. The decision to review the license period will be taken at the end of the six months, bringing it to early next year.

The vice chairman of Brighton and Hove Streamline, Mr  John Streeter has criticized the decision. He is of the opinion that the council should follow the decision taken by Transport for London and revoke the license with immediate effect. By extending it to another six months they have just changed the finish line.

He is also concerned about the fact that Uber has still got a number of pending issues that need addressing. One major issue that needs to be addressed is the decision to only use vehicles and drivers that have been authorized by the Brighton and Hove Council.

The GMB is also disappointed with this decision, whilst the GMB national secretary, Mr. Justin Bowden has said that the council has failed to act within their regulative obligation and will, therefore be taking legal action to challenge this decision. 

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