Elaborate the Guideline about Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is some of the most beautiful and durable floors you can install in your home. They create a warm living environment and are, in most cases, easily cared for.

Follow these simple steps to choose a hardwood floor that you will enjoy for years to come.

Find a Wood Flooring You Like

When choosing the type of wood you want to install, the first goal is to find a wood you like. This is the fun and easy part of choosing hardwood floors. Visit your local wood floor installation, and see what kind of wood samples they offer. Be sure to visit some installers and check your options.

Consider the cost

Cost is an important factor in limiting your options for affordable wood flooring. If the type of flooring you are considering does not fit your allowable budget, you can remove it from your wish list.

Determine how easy it is to clean and maintain the floor you have chosen

This last step is the step that most homeowners overlook when choosing new appliances, accessories, furniture, and finishes for their home. However, this is one of the most important steps you can take when choosing quality purchases for your home.

There are different things of Wood flooring in Columbus you can do to determine if the floor you choose will stand the test of time. If you have a cleaning service, they had probably seen the type of floor before and cleaned it many times. Ask them about their choices, show them their examples. Determine if they have experienced major problems with the maintenance of the types of floors you are considering. You are already paying them for their services.

Let their unbiased experience help you make your final decision. Always ask professionals, they will have valuable advice, and it is many times free.

Maintain the floors 

Another factor you should definitely consider is the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the floors you are considering. Only the manufacturer will know how many people are trying to return the item for a refund.

Seek the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the floors you are considering properly. Many homeowners ask this question after purchasing and installing the floor. You always want to know in advance about possible problems with cleaning and maintaining your product selection before installing the product, not later. If the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your hardwood floors include only one option (i.e., the manufacturer’s product and do not use any other or you remain the warranty), beware of the buyer!

On the other hand, if they do not look particularly worried and offer you several options, including ways to clean them that do not include additional purchases from their business, this is a much safer bet. One of the reasons they are not worried is probably because they have not had major complaints about the maintenance and longevity of the Wood flooring you choose.

Service of cleaning

As a cleaning service owner who has been doing business for over 25 years, it is very unfortunate when we see customers choosing Wood flooring in Columbus that we know many people have had problems with in the past and had to replace because they simply are not made to be cleaned.

Any wood or appliance that requires strict cleaning instructions from the manufacturer should be avoided (especially if the instructions limit your choice of products to a dry cloth or only a product manufactured by the manufacturer itself) should be avoided. 

Especially on floors can dirt, dust, oils from the soles of the feet, pet hair, etc. Accumulate. It is best not to let the sales staff of these products convince you that the floors do not need to be cleaned. And you will be amazed at how many manufacturers just suggest it! In our experience, any product or type of flooring that contains such strict cleaning instructions is often discontinued soon. One of the reasons why they give such strict cleaning instructions is because the manufacturer is already aware of the problems they represent and that he is already getting tired of replacing these items.


But do not let all these things deter you! Wood is an excellent choice for floors, and in most cases, it is very beautiful and durable. Normal remarks about caring for wood floors should be: “Do not use too much water,” “Vinegar and water are good” (however, we do not recommend using vinegar to clean hardwood floors) if they suggest a product that they sell, but tell you that you are not limited to using that product. These are all normal and reasonable suggestions from manufacturers.

If you make sure that your Wood flooring is finished and laid correctly, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

These ten key factors must consider when installing a solid wood floor

  1. Height allowance
  2. Types of subfloor
  3. Installation methods
  4. skirts
  5. Quantity per order
  6. Quality and moisture content of the wood on arrival
  7. Climb the wood on the premises
  8. Expansion gaps
  9. Directions from signs
  10. Maintenance

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