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We bring you a review of the best anime adaptations to video games. Put the Dragon Ball soundtrack in the background (since Dragon Ball is still as cool as the first day), because we started.

Dragon ball fighter z

Gokuaaaa has been in this with consoles for almost as long as video games themselves (perhaps we are exaggerating, yes). In each generation, cosmic warriors have made their appearance on consoles at least a couple of times. Also if you haven’t watched yet this epic masterpiece go on Netflix, kissanime, or Crunchyroll, and must watch it.

Some have even dared to make the leap to the screen of our Smartphones, such as the successful Dragon Ball Legends. The next thing in this license, in fact, is a card game …

Dragon Ball FigtherZ is considered the pinnacle of the fighting genre in terms of anime titles. What fans have always been waiting for. Complete, accurate, and satisfying, its graphics and animations go a step beyond manga/anime resulting in an over 9000 experience.

Dragon Ball Budokai 3

Outside of the Tenkaichi series, which by itself would provide for another lengthy and detailed article, Akira Toriyama’s work has touched more genres in addition to simply focusing on fighting. In Dragon Ball, Budokai 3 elements of the RPG such as leveling up and teleportation, and shock abilities are introduced.

Add more than 40 selectable characters belonging to the first Dragon Ball and reaching the OVAs to get the most realistic game – if that is possible – of the saga, at the time.

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

This so celebrated and successful anime took a couple of seasons to make the leap to consoles, allowing us to participate in the endless fight of humanity against the titans, devourers of civilization. Released last year, Attack on Titan 2 is the most faithful representation of anime to date, the macacha-giants title has four subsequent games that did not quite “hook”.

Koei Tecmo has worked on the game’s social system, so that the player will come to feel part of urban life behind the walls, in a context of constant uncertainty due to the arrival of the Titans. The customization options also stand out for being much more in-depth compared to previous titles along with the possibility of visiting scenarios taken directly from the anime. A delicacy for fans.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

The talkative ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village closes the Shippuden series in this sublime and final part of the Ultimate Ninja Storm game saga. An infinity of characters to choose from and epic combats that follow the line of the anime in which Naruto closes his life as a teenager and becomes an adult.

The fighting is frantic with the possibility of receiving the support of two characters in the team. Jutsus, feints, Ultimate attacks and more fill the screen with faithfully recreated visual effects that far surpass what is seen in anime episodes. The cutscenes shine on their own, engaging the player in the most complete Naruto universe experience to date.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Here’s a great classic that may sound unfamiliar to you since it was released in nothing more and nothing less than in 1999. Yu-Gi-Oh is a Magic-style card game where all of society revolves around duels with ancient monsters. To the surprise of the protagonist, Yugi, the monsters are much more real than they appear, which embarks us on a journey to eliminate evil from the world.

Considered the best Yu-Gi-Oh game to date (be sure to check out Legacy of the Duelist, also quite good), we control a pharaoh dormant for millennia who awaken to the sensation of an evil force around the cards.

Thousands of possible combinations, decks of cards, collecting, INVOCATIONS (in 1999 for the children of the time it was a joy) make this one of the best adaptations to a video game.

The spirit of the cards is strong in you.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

Luffy and the Straw Hat gang could not miss the appointment in this compilation of the best adaptations of anime to video games. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is the third installment of that famous anime, which puts us fully into the music genre (massive fights) and in it we will find a great variety of modes and a fairly complete story arc, taking into account that the anime is about to hit 900 episodes.

Combats, materials, characters, final techniques, and more are just some of the elements that make this One Piece one of the best in the saga. Each character feels incredibly faithful to the original, with a variety of spectacular attacks so the player will never tire of mashing buttons. Add multiple modes, collectibles, skins, and memorable soundtrack to become King of the Pirates when it comes to digital entertainment.

Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth

If there is an anime that has marked us, it would certainly be Digimon. Digital creatures to care for and who fight for us when we need them. No, we are not talking about Pokémon. Who wouldn’t want to sleep hugging a Patamon? Those who say no, lie like an Etemon.

In Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth, we put ourselves in the shoes of a private detective, only this time, our field of investigation is the digital world. We will breed our digital companions until they level up and “Digi-evolve” (in size and color, they are the Digimon). More than 250 to collect and a pretty decent story place this title as one of the best interpretations of an anime to a video game.

Bleach: Dark Souls

The shinigami could not miss the meeting on this list since it was on the Nintendo DS where they claimed their most precious prize, being the best fighting game of the saga for the Nintendo laptop. Taking advantage of the two screens of the console, the game deployed a large number of attacks in the lower one while the upper one focused on the action.

Team battles, a large number of characters to choose from and game modes to waste hours crushing hollows. The best of the moment for Nintendo DS.

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