Ganga in an abandoned box


A man found Ganga in a box. Yes, you heard it right. Ganga is a little girl of 21 days old and found in a box in Ganga River in Uttar Pradesh, India on 17 June 2021. I want to ask the society, where is humanism and what is humanity all about?

How can a family be so cruel to a girl? Just because she is a girl, she has no right to live. It is really embarrassing. I am damn sure and as an Indian I know the mentality of Indians if it was a boy, no one would abandon him. Maybe Ganga’s parents abandoned her because of the fear of society but if a boy was born no one cares about the damn society. 

How did her parents get the courage to abandon her like this? Ask those who are waiting for a long time to have a child. 

Box with the images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

The box in which the girl is found, has pasted images of Hindu God and goddesses. The girl is wrapped in a red cloth. There is her horoscope card(kundali) also which has mentioned her name and date and time of her birth. What her family wants to do, I can’t understand. Do they know she will survive? What if she dies. Who will take responsibility for this?

But all the questions are useless because her family didn’t think about this and if they think once about the child, they would have not done this.

A boatman rescued Ganga

Gullu Chaudhry, a boatman, was sitting on the bank of Ganga with his fellow boatsman searched for where the cries were coming. Then he saw a box floating in the river and he understood the situation. He held the box and when he opened it, he found a little girl wrapped in a red cloth. He wants to take her with him as he says she was a gift of God. When the police came, they enquired about her they take the girl for the medical examination and shift her to a shelter home and enquiring about her parents.

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath praises the boatman

CM Yogi Adityanath praises the boatman and gives him many rewards. CM announces that the government will take care of the upbringing of the girl Ganga.

CM further said “As a token of gratitude, the boatman will be benefited by all eligible government schemes. Ganga came for him as a gift from God.

Is the life of a girl that much cheaper?

What is wrong that the girl has done? Is this just because she is a girl? Maybe her mother has some pressure from family and society but if you can’t take care of her child don’t give birth. She also has the right to live. She can also have a bright future. But it all has vanished now. In India the life of a girl is really cheap. Still there are many people who think a boy is necessary for the family. Many times, we all have heard the news that a girl is found in dustbins, in a polythene also. It’s really heartbreaking to hear.

 In today’s society also, there are many educated people who killed their girl in the womb just for a boy. Shame on people like that.

I would like to request all parents out there, please don’t kill girls. God is watching your Karmas.

I wish Ganga would have a bright future ahead and I pray to God she never met her real cruel parents.