Small Website Development with Gatsby WordPress for Revolutionary Websites

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There are several platforms for serving the purpose of website building platforms, some of them are fully dynamic with one for all-purpose like the traditional WordPress that has design and DB on the same forum. While on the other hand there are Static site Generators like Gatsby that have front end separated from the back-end Although that are also supporting the Content Management Systems but those CMS are used as headless. The JAMstack technology working on the microservices concept has a different architecture for website structure.

Gatsby WordPress Featuring for Modern Stack Websites

 The benefit of technology is someone somewhere is always working on improvements and new releases and when multiple people are working on it, they bring new features, plugins to the tool more frequently.

The headless WordPress is also providing an enhanced editor and developer experience.  Gatsby Preview is made available in the WordPress where you can view the content as live in the design preview. With the help of Incremental builds on WordPress new content and update is published instantly. The URLs and the images and other media files can be used with the Gatsby-link and image easily keeping the original plugin source through WordPress.

The changes on the website can be made rapidly and frequently and new features and pages can be built still by limiting the number of nodes that are fetched during the development.

Gatsby processes the images that have been referred to in the publish keeping the media library limited to the client-side view. The plugin used by WordPress i.e WP GraphQL automatically keeps the data updated and available to the Gatsby Project and the SEO, eCommerce, translation and content modelling can be leveraged through one plugin.

Make a Change with Gatsby WordPress

Headless word press separates the back end (admin’s side) with the front end (website seen by customer). It separates/decouples the front end or head of the website form the back end. It allows us to separate the data layer and presentation model.

Gatsby also provides a very helpful build tool for static headless sites. Although these sites have a slow time for building, Gatsby cloud resolved this issue by providing a live preview feature. Moreover, by implementing CI/CD, the deployment process can be automated using additional tools such as CircleCI, Github etc. They go hand in hand and the good thing is you can manage both separately. You can smoothly move your content from one place to another easily e.g on your social media or business website etc.

Benefits of Using Headless WordPress (Gatsby and WordPress)

●     Better security

●     Performance

●     Reliability

●     Easy API Integration

Developers prefer to use decoupled or headless press in content management, editorial or administrative tools due to the freedom and flexibility it gives. Headless word press helps you to continue your workflow because it is a very familiar tool in content writing.

One of the important tools that make new technology is the function of integration. Gatsby Cloud provides the ability to integrate with so many CMSs which enables the organizations to align as per their need to manage the data. It is a great option for designing a static headless site.

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