Easy Ways to Get Healthier, Shinier and More Voluminous Hair

For many people, our hair is our pride, and we would do a lot of things to maintain its health and good looks. So what do you do when your beautiful locks start looking a bit tired and droopy? Don’t despair just yet, because there are ways to improve the health of your hair and make it look shiny, smooth and full of volume. Here are a few easy tips on hair health you can try today:

Examine your scalp

Before you tackle your hair, it’s necessary to take it to the root of the problem and examine your scalp. If your scalp is not healthy, your hair will look subpar no matter what you do. Keep an eye on any dandruff signs. If you notice flakes, see your dermatologist and follow the right treatment for your type of dandruff. For instance, small flakes (like powdered sugar) are caused by scalp dryness and might require a medical shampoo 2-3x a week and regular conditioning. On the other hand, larger, yellowish flakes might be a sign of seborrheic dermatitis which requires more frequent use of medicated shampoo and conditioner, together with actives.

Create a cutting schedule

Whenever you notice split ends, it’s time for them to go. If you only focus on the length instead of consistency, you might end up with very thin ends that never look good. Those who often treat their hair with color, bleach, heat styling and keratin should create a regular cutting schedule (usually every 6 to 8 weeks) to prevent split ends and make their hair look thicker and more uniform.

Minimize styling

Styling your hair should not be an everyday occurrence, but something reserved for special occasions. It’s best to air dry your fine hair after every wash, and heat dry thicker hair (but then leave it alone for a few days to recover). When you notice frizz, instead of grabbing an iron, just water spritz it and the frizz will disappear. Heat styling can damage your hair and hair cuticles, so keep it to a minimum. When you are styling your hair, use a blow dryer instead of a hair straightener to apply less direct heat to the strands.

Get the right tools

Sure, you might have several combs and brushes, but are they the right fit for your hair? If you often suffer from knots and tangles, then you know how hard can it be to take care of your hair without any breakage and tons of pain. What you can do to help your hair get nice and smooth without damage is grab a special hair detangler brush made for problematic hair. With a curved head and special bristles, you can essentially press as hard as you can without feeling any pain. This brush is suitable for everyone, but it’s especially loved by kids who hate having their hair brushed due to tangling and snatching.  

Embrace your texture

Too many women out there are in disagreement with their hair texture. Instead of constantly trying to change how your hair looks and managing to only make it look weird and dull, embrace your natural texture. No matter if you have curly, coiled or tight texture of hair, make sure to use the right conditioner to close those cuticles and make your hair easy to manage. Manipulate your hair as little as possible and it will recover and look healthy. If you have curly, coiled or tight hair, find a low-tension protective style and avoid chemicals as much as you can—compliments will keep pouring in!

Consider microneedling and topicals for thinning hair

Thinning hair is a huge problem for women, and it can leave great mental health consequences. What you can do to boost the health of your hair is to try microneedling. This treatment to the scalp stimulates hair growth and allows hair follicles to regenerate. The little holes or canals needles leave behind also benefit better product absorption.

If you want to take a prescription route, women only have one option that’s FDA-approved and that’s minoxidil. This product is suitable for female hair loss as it stimulates blood flow in the scalp and brings oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles to activate them and boost their ability to grow new hair. Natural products that contain saw palmetto berries, green tea and caffeine can also be helpful if you want to avoid the prescription route.

Take cold showers

If you’re looking for a very quick way to add shine to your hair then lower the water temperature when washing your hair. Cold rinse will close the cuticle and make it more shiny and reflective in the light. For added shine, some protective oil or serum will do the trick.

Your hair can look like you just left the hair salon every day if you just use these tips and treat your hair with respect and love.