October 3, 2022

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Top Tips for Healthy, Gorgeous Hair According to Expert Stylists

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Gorgeous Hair

Gorgeous Hair

Healthy, flawless hair is an unachievable dream for many. Whether because they are lazy to take care of hair or don’t know the type of hair they have, many people put up with dull hair that tangles up quickly and only dream about having flawless shiny hair. Don’t be one of those people, but check out the tips we’ve listed below. Your hair will be gorgeous again in a matter of days. 

DIY masks work wonders

Do you know how they say the best comes from nature? That’s why DIY hair masks will do wonders for your hair. If your hair needs restoration, bananas and olive oil will be the perfect mix. Potassium in bananas balances the scalp’s pH and strengthens the hair, whilst olive oil contains high levels of vitamin E, which offers the needed shine. Mix a banana with a spoonful of olive oil, and stir until you get a frothy hair mask that you’ll apply from the scalp to your ends as you shower. A milk and honey mask will be fantastic for damaged fine hair. Honey is rich in keratin that will help your hair become stronger. When you add milk to the mix, you include zinc, iron, vitamin B12 and amino acids that soften the hair and support its structure.

Visit the hairdresser regularly

One of the golden rules of strong split-free hair is regular trimming. That doesn’t mean you need to trim it every week, but you need to maintain it regularly. Having your ends trimmed every three months will prevent deeper damage and make your hair grow faster and better. Many people choose to trim their hair on their own or have a friend do it. Unless you’re a hairdresser, or your friend is, don’t do it. You don’t know the best way to trim the hair, and you can only cause more damage than good.

Rely on hair extensions

Sometimes, no matter how much you want your hair to grow and be thick enough to feature a gorgeous ponytail, your hair refuses to do so. Be it genetics or over-invasive hair treatments, sometimes your hair won’t have the capacity to look flawless. That’s when you can fake it ‘till you make it by using hair extensions. Many hairstylists will recommend you invest in the best-quality clip-on hair extensions on the market to get the best value for money and use them for years. With a quality hair extension, you can get that Hollywood-like hairstyle you’ve been dreaming about forever.

Don’t be your own hair stylist

We’ve mentioned that self-hair trimming is detrimental to your hair, and so is treating it with various dyes and styling treatments. Are you thinking about getting highlights? Do you want to change your hair colour? If you need a change, turn to a professional. Don’t experiment with highlights, bleach and new hair colours on your own because you can end up with unwanted hair colour and extreme hair damage. If your hair is already damaged, it will do no good to put it through extra torture. Make an appointment with a hairdresser to get the hair treatment you need.

Hair care according to hair type

If you don’t know your hair type, you won’t be able to care for your hair properly. Therefore, identify your hair type first and apply proper care later. Is your scalp oily, and do your ends split often? Do you have trouble controlling frizzy hair? Is your hair dull ad prone to breakage? All of these problems require specific care that you might be missing. If you’re using a mask for oily hair on an already oily scalp, you’ll create an even bigger problem.

Cut back on styling appliances

How often do you use a hair dryer? What about a hair straightener? All those appliances can wreak havoc on your hair due to the heat they’re emitting. If you need to blow dry your hair, do it when it’s already dry from the towel and air. For hair stylers, the hair needs to be completely dry. Even a little dampness will cause the hair to burn under the curling iron heat. For best hair styling results, wash your hair in the evening, dry it, and use the hair styler the following morning.

Final thoughts

Have you been looking for helpful tips to make your hair look flawless? You’ve come to the right place. Read thoroughly through all the tips, we’ve listed and use every one of them to help your hair look amazing. You’ll get shinier, stronger, and more fabulous hair in a matter of days. As long as you know your hair type, you don’t experiment with your hair by yourself, visit the hairdresser regularly and use natural DIY masks to offer it the needed care, your hair will look its best all year long.

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