Gojek Clone KingX Pro 2023 – Suffices All The Daily Essential Needs Of Your Customers

We are living in an era where services are offered on demand. Available 24/7/365 days, digitization has hit every segment of our lives. Services like delivery of food, cleaning, and transportation are necessary for daily life. Several e-commerce websites and applications are emerging to provide us with a wide range of alternatives and choices in order to supply all these services. 

Companies are seeking for novel approaches to cut out the expensive middleman and reach out to their target customers directly. Entrepreneurs are also looking for ways to improve operations management, cut expenses, and boost profits. The ideal answer for companies looking to participate in the on-demand economy is a Gojek Clone KingX Pro.

What Is Gojek Clone KingX Pro 2023?

It is a next-level Super App offering 101+ On-demand Multi-services to customers on the go. 

The days of having to wait for a handyman service to return your call or running out to a store at the last minute to pick up food for a party are over. Now, you can use features like online video consultation to treat your stomach ailment and finish your chores on time and within your allocated budget. With KingX Pro, your on-demand multi-services business is improving.

The software includes the newest components, a combination that is hard to find in another mega app. With the help of an app designer and the development of our potent Gojek Clone Software, the lucrative market of people looking for on-demand services can simply be catered to. The app is one of the most user-friendly, feature-rich, and secure on-demand platforms available today.

Let’s explore significant components that are devised to propel your entrepreneurial journey.


Registered owners may share the details of their trips through peer-to-peer carpooling. This covers the route taken to get there, the date, the hour, the number of carpool seats available, and the fee per seat.

Those who are interested in traveling in the same direction will confirm their interest, and the person who submitted the information can select from the same. The user can use in-app payments after receiving confirmation. The App Admin will generate a commission based on every ride confirmation.

On-demand Medical services

In order to provide your users with on-demand medical services, KingX Pro had to integrate this. Delete the long hold times on the phone and the hours spent waiting to see the doctor. By allowing on-demand medical appointment bookings for in-person or in-clinic, doctor’s this module eliminates all of these and much more. Also, your consumers can schedule an online video chat session and receive prompt medical attention from the comfort of their own homes.

Online Video Consultation

We have all profited from the well-designed module known as online video consultation, particularly during the COVID era. As the pandemic taught us that we can successfully fulfill our chores using technology, this component makes it simple for users and service providers to obtain services. Once the session is over, the application immediately deducts the set amount from the same credit card option.

Service Bid

This enables your users to post requests for handymen-type tasks such as painting, plumbing, landscaping, carpentry, mason work, etc., and get quotes. The local service providers will submit bids and wait for user approval. The user is able to complete their assignment within the allotted time and money this way.

Hire Genie or Runner

This component allows your users to order anything and have it delivered to any address inside the city. Your users have the option to engage a delivery person to get, deliver, or Buy anything inside the city.

Just a few of the “Cherry On The Top” features and components are listed above. The Super App is now bigger and better than ever. Additional features given by this app include the ability to Buy and Sell real estate, Buy, Sell, and Rent cars, Buy, Sell, and Rent general things, discover nearby attractions, track family members and employees, request services, and order deliveries on demand. Your customers can also use it to Rent Taxis, book on-demand taxis, and join taxi pools. This Mega App is just great; it has all the necessities as well as extras and so much more that your consumers won’t require any other apps.

Final Thoughts

Gojek script with a white label, increases a company’s reach to several services, saving users from having to download multiple applications for various services. Every module has the necessary components to do business activities quickly and effectively. 

Even with the numerous service categories, the procedure appears to be user-friendly and simple to understand. Customers must first enter their current location in order to choose any type of service, and this will then display a list of the services that are offered there.