Trendy Tips To Start Your Business With App like Gojek in Nigeria

In today’s digitally connected culture, the rivalry in the app market has sharply increased. It is challenging to continually stay one step ahead of the competition till you have some powerful technology resources! Also keep in mind that upgrading too soon is difficult and costly! What is the solution, then? The answer to your issue is the Gojek Clone App. 

By using this multi-service app, you, the business owner in Nigeria, may stay one step ahead and gain the advantage of being the only app that offers more than 101 services. Your customers will use your app for more than just placing food orders, calling plumbers, and booking transportation; they’ll also appreciate the comfort and convenience it provides! So how does a multi-service corporation advance in level? By integrating cutting-edge features and services into your On demand App like Gojek, you may expand your business.

Offer What Your Competitors Are Not Providing

Customers that are tech aware frequently look for apps that can simplify their life. And what could be better than utilizing a single app that provides more than 101 services on demand?

Well, a number of applications provide services like food delivery, taxi ride booking, grocery delivery, package delivery, etc. Customers must use them individually though.

Your consumers can access all of these services on the Gojek Clone app! And now that you know, what about this software most excites you? Well, it only requires a single signup to access the most distinctive services on the market. 

Video Consultation Online

Now, your clients may quickly and easily schedule an online video consultation with a doctor, attorney, tutor, fitness trainer, or astrologer. In other words, clients can use this feature to consult with these experts without physically going to their offices. Over the video call, they can converse!

Customers can consult the pros and book the services themselves from the convenience of their homes or offices.

Service Bid

With the help of this app, your customers can now negotiate over pricing with handymen who are bidding for the project before choosing the best one. Customers searching for neighborhood handymen like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, house painters, etc. benefit most from this Gojek clone app service.

Customers not only get to negotiate prices but also save themselves the hassle of contacting several handymen, collecting quotations, evaluating their work, etc.

Medical Services on Demand

Your customers will be able to access several On-demand Medical Services on the go. They can schedule the appointment as well as book on-demand for Walk-in or Personal home consultations with their respective doctors. 

Apart from this, they can access the following services including:

  1. On-demand Ambulance services
  2. From a nearby drugstore, place an online prescription
  3. Video chat with the service provider online
  4. Make time to visit the animal’s veterinarian.
  5. Schedule a medical appointment
  6. Request blood or plasma from a blood bank in the area.

Flexible Payment Alternatives

Users ought to have a variety of payment choices, including cash on delivery, credit/debit card, and e-wallet. They will find it simple to pay you thanks to this. 

Real-time Monitoring

To know exactly when their orders will be delivered, customers should be able to track them in real-time. For things that must be delivered quickly, like food, this capability is crucial.

Add Contemporary Features

Its enhanced features are the next crucial component needed to up your industry game!

The multi-service on demand The Gojek Clone App already includes some of the most cutting-edge features. Here is the list you must go through to have an overview of its selection.

In Conclusion

You may effectively launch an on-demand multi-service business with the Gojek clone in Nigeria! Contact one of the trustworthy, legally licensed white-labeling companies. However, ensure that you find an authentic white-labeling company by bearing in mind the following points:

The client video testimonials would be featured on the firm’s official website. An authentic white-labeling company would have at least ten years’ worth of daily experience launching apps similar to Gojek.

In order for you to test-drive and browse it as long as you like to be certain that it is the ideal app you were seeking for, it would provide you free demo apps for trials.