Get Your Grocery Delivery Solution In Dubai Developing NRTC Fresh Clone App

With our lives getting busier and hectic, we have less time to do our regular chores. As basic as grocery shopping. There’s only one weekend and grocery shopping is the last thing on our minds to do. Too lazy to go out, now groceries can reach you at your doorstep using NRTC Fresh Clone App.

All thanks to the COVID19, there is a global shift in the ondemand industry witnessing tremendous growth and revenue potentials. Sensing the greater profit margins, today entrepreneurs are venturing into ondemand grocery delivery solutions in Dubai to facilitate their customers with a wide range of groceries.

About NRTC Fresh Clone App

Inspired by the original NRTC Fresh app, the clone app is a user-centric app offering convenient online purchases of groceries. The grocery delivery solution lets your customers shop from a variety of vegetables and fresh fruits. Just like the original app,the clone app is built to provide an immense level of convenience to its Dubai users. The app comes equipped with the feature to receive the veggies and fruits pre-cut as required all these and more at very economical prices.

It will take some time to shift your users to your NRTC fresh clone app, but appreneurs are doing everything to create their online grocery brand.

The must-have features when you develop an online grocery app

If you have decided to venture into an online grocery delivery market in Dubai, make sure that your NRTC fresh clone app has these features:

Social media registration

It makes it easy and quick for your users to register and login using their social media account. You can also provide other quick options like login through email id/phone number. Ensure that the registration process is easy and basic and less time-consuming.

Ease in the browsing product listing

Complex navigation can make your users lose interest, uninstalling your app. The product listing should be easy to understand, and convenient to add the groceries to the cart.

Real-time tracking

The feature lets the user track their grocery delivery on a real-time basis. They get to know when the groceries are dispatched and an estimated time to reach them. This helps boost your app performance, offering an update to know the status of their orders.

Book now schedule later

This feature lets your user schedule their delivery at a specific date and time. The user can book delivery now and confirm it by making the payment, and the delivery will reach a designated place and date as mentioned.

Quick reordering

The feature allows to quicklyreorder the grocery by allowing the user to see history in just a single click. Thus saving time, grocery shopping is done in a jiffy.

Push notifications

This helps your customers to know about the recent new launch of products, updates in the prices, featured grocery stores as well as alerts and other notifications through this feature.

Multiple payment options

Offering a secured payment option that includes multiple payments such as NEFT, debit-credit card, Wallet, Google Pay, etc. provides flexibility to your users allowing them to pay with ease.

Apart from the above mentioned, ensure that the app development company you are hiring is offering:

  • The complete white labeling solution
  • Gets you free lifetime licensed source code ownership
  • Multiple currency support
  • Free up-gradation
  • 365 days of bug support
  • Multiple language support
  • Contactless delivery feature

NRTC Fresh Clone App Provides Multiple Ways To Boost Profits

Ordering form application

It makes it super quick and convenient to order groceries from NRTC fresh clone app. Available on both platforms Android and IOS. The app builds a steady income.

Ordering from website

This feature allows your users to place orders using the website which is exactly designed to that of your app. It is for those who are not comfortable using the app.

Place call at the store and order

The customers can directly place the call to the store and place orders for their daily grocery needs. The store will then process their order and have it delivered right at their doorstep.

Once your NRTC Fresh clone app is established you can expand your business by venturing into other ondemand apps. Why restrict yourself to just grocery delivery? A mobile app company will offer you a comprehensive list of ondemand services such as Food delivery, Stationery delivery, Gojek clone app, taxi booking ride ondemand app, pharmacy – medical supplies ondemand delivery, All in 1 delivery app, etc.

Hiring a professional app development company can help you build a successful online grocery store in Dubai. Their expert team will build you on demand app comprising all essential features. Before you make the purchase of NRTC fresh clone app, make sure that you work on the live demo,  reviewing the performance and the functionality of the app. Make sure that the app is scalable, developed on the latest technology stack thus, you no more have to spend on technicalities for future expansion.

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