How to grow your business online and increase revenue?

Traditional entrepreneurs were apprehensive of the upcoming technology because they thought machines might soon take over human jobs! However, as opposed to their belief system, modern technology has created job opportunities in the virtual world previously unthinkable. People do not even require pro skills to utilize these online tools. They can easily learn as they go forward.

Online business owners need the basic knowledge of digital marketing and how the internet can help them sell their products/services and increase revenue through these tools. If you wish to make a big mark in the online business world, here are a few tried-and-tested ways that can help you grow your online business and expand your revenue sources-:

Simplify daily appointments through a scheduling app

Service-based businesses thrive due to their daily customer appointments and client meetings. It is a major source of income for them that cannot be messed up. So, to ensure efficiency in appointment booking management, use an online appointment scheduler like Picktime. Sign up on Picktime through any web-enabled device and you will get a free online calendar through which you can add your real-time availability and track staff schedules. You can create an online booking page with a personalized booking button for free and link it with your website and social media profiles to accept more online bookings through higher visibility.

Empower your customers/clients to self-schedule appointments through this online booking page. Remind them about meetings through automated email and SMS notifications. Oversee appointments, team schedules, and resources across all office locations with a single dashboard. Also, get detailed business reports from your Picktime dashboard for reviewing business performance. 

Accept easy online payments

Consumers love the flexibility offered by online payment processors since they do not want to waste time standing in long billing queues! As an online business owner, provide your customers the chance to make secure and advanced online payments through credit cards or online payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Square. You can even integrate these apps with your Picktime account and immediately raise automated invoices as proof of payment. Email the digital invoice to your customers instead of printed bills. It will ensure that they never lose invoices.

Target your ads to lookalike audiences on Facebook

Facebook marketing is a quick way for faster revenue generation. If you have come across Facebook marketing techniques, you will know about lookalike audiences. Facebook’s lookalike audiences are Facebook users with similar characteristics and behaviors to your customer database. Just submit your data and target audience preferences on Facebook. Later, Facebook will cross-reference this data with third-party data brokers to generate matches based on your specified audience criteria. Through this technique, you will be able to reach maximum audiences with minimum effort.

Try mobile optimization

Most customers use mobile phones to search for products/services online. The popularity and ease of mobile searches have eclipsed the need to look for a laptop or desktop to search for simple to complex information. From banking to grocery shopping, everything is at your fingertips now. As a result, mobile optimization becomes vital for businesses to direct customers to their business. Make sure your checkout process is simple and your app is easy to navigate.

Display client/customer testimonials on your website

Humans are social beings. In the present scenario, business-to-customer interaction and feedback collection are crucial. You must have heard the saying by Jeff Bezos that if you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they will go and complain about it to six friends. However, making an online customer unhappy will earn you the wrath of 600 netizens! Client and customer testimonials work are potent weapons for word-of-mouth promotions. Make sure you highlight all the positive reviews and feedback about you on your website. Also, ensure timely delivery of high-quality services so that customers do not complain against you on other websites. Also, include the positive feedback given by your brand evangelists on your website landing page, product & pricing pages, and house journals/magazines.

Follow this useful guide to see the results for yourself. Remember to stay focused, interact with other professionals, and look for blogs, articles, and videos by leading entrepreneurs on online business management. Unless you try these methods yourself, you will not know which ones suit your business needs. So, take a risk and carry on.