Top 7 Immigration Law Firms in Canada

Immigration law is one of the most sought-after branches of law around the world, which has seen tremendous growth in potential over the past few years. Seeking a better standard of living and improved quality of life, we can see a growing influx of immigrants from developing countries to well-developed countries such as Canada. In such a scenario, it is no wonder that there are a large number of immigration law firms in such countries, offering various aspects of immigration law services.

Canada being one of the most sought-after immigration destinations in the world, there are immigration law firms aplenty in the country. If you wish to migrate to Canada or avail of immigration law services in any capacity from immigration law firms, here is a list of the top immigration law firms in Canada:

1.  Immilaw Immigration Law Professional Corporation

One of the best immigration law firms in Canada, run by expert Canadian lawyers, Immilaw has become one of the most sought-after law firms for everything related to immigration law in Canada. From eligibility assessment and immigration legal consultancy services to post-landing consultancy and assistance, Immilaw has the resources and expertise to cater to all your immigration related needs to the best of their abilities. For the best immigration law services you can connect with Immilaw Immigration Law Professional Corporation.

2.   Bellissimo Law Group PC

With 45 years of experience in matters regarding immigration, citizenship and refugee matters, the Bellissimo Law Group PC in Canada has established itself as an expert in the field. They provide consultancy and immigration services for availing permanent and temporary residency in Canada for immigrants all over the world.

3. Green and Spiegel LLP, Toronto

Started back in 1962 when immigration law was still in its infancy, Green and Spiegel LLP is one of Canada’s largest and oldest law firms. With over 50 years of experience in the field of immigration law Green and Spiegel are headquartered in Toronto, Canada, in addition to having offices all over the USA.

4.  Toronto Immigration Law Firm

One of the latest entrants in the field of immigration law, the Toronto Immigration Law Firm is a licensed and insured law firm in Canada. Founded by Mr. Ronan Kurzfeld in 2002, who has been a force to be reckoned with in the area of immigration law, the Toronto Immigration Law Firm provides a host of services such as Permanent Resident applications, Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Business Applications, Investor Visas, Employee Visas, Temporary Visas and Humanitarian Applications to name a few.

5.  Corporate Immigration Law Firm, Toronto

The Corporate Immigration Law Firm or CILF from Toronto is your go-to law firm for matters related to time sensitive, contentious and unusual immigration issues. CILF has been named in the Top 5 Immigration Boutiques by Canadian Lawyers and has managed to maintain their position time and again.

6.  Mamann Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP, Toronto

Established over 30 years ago, Mamann Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP provides a whole range of immigration law services in Canada encompassing temporary or permanent residence to Canada, study & work permits, LMIA’s, sponsorships, Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Humanitarian/compassionate, Start-Up Visas, citizenship, etc.

7.  Matthew Jeffrey

With one of the highest success rates when it comes to immigration law related matters in Canada, Matthew Jeffrey has become one of the top rated specialists ever since the past 20 years. From family sponsorship, express entry, permanent residence, citizenship, immigration appeals, immigration inadmissibility and refugee cases, Matthew Jeffrey has made a name for himself in no time.

If you are looking for availing the services of expert Canadian immigration lawyers, it is best to select an immigration firm that satisfies all your migration needs from A to Z. Check your migration needs and find the best immigration law firm in Canada here.