January 21, 2022

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guide to make an elegant decision about shower glass installation

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shower glass installation

Shower glass makes your bathroom more appealing and elegant. If you’re planning for remodeling your bathroom, shower glass should be your first priority to replace. On average a shower glass door installation cost is $900. Most homeowners during renovations pay between $600 and $13,50. The cost depends on three key features of shower glass; Size, glass type and thickness. 

Most frameless glass doors are considered as custom installations because they require particular hardware for mounting and installation. Based on such characteristic, this post will walk you through essential things to consider before you hire shower glass installation service. 

Get Specific about your expectations  

Bathroom remodeling is not an easy job where you just walk through the market and buy anything that looks good just like shopping for clothes. You can’t make random decisions. You need to start off by doing some extensive research. Know about different materials and qualities out there and then ask yourself, what expectations you have? 

You can simply make a list of your standards by asking you few questions like; 

  1. How much space is available for shower glass?
  2. What is your budget, is it fixed or flexible? 
  3. What style you like and how to match it with the surrounding?

It might sound like too nerdy but getting to know about your expectations help you set clear goals. It will help you save a lot of time and money in longer run. Regardless of which sort of shower glass you’ll be dealing with, it is extremely important to exercise caution. Installation and replacement of shower glass is a technical job for sure. 

Before you jump into DIY territory, you need to be 100% sure that you got all the necessary shower glass installation tools and follow the safety precautions. But it is always a great idea to hire an experienced and professional service provider for jobs outside of your skillset. This way, you can sit back, be safe and enjoy the whole process without even moving yourself. 

Ask around for recommendations 

You are advised to ask people around you if they hired a contractor for similar services. Have detailed conversation with them, if they were satisfied with the contractor, if the installation process went smooth and sturdy, if the contractor followed the terms and if the expenditure was affordable. This whole information will help you find the same person or a best shower glass installation contractor in the market.

You can always search on internet for reviews and ratings of your service provider. Don’t just set a deal with a random company just because it is top ranked. Most of the companies pay the search engines to buy that ranking. This can provide you with companies that are unqualified for your project.

Thoroughly go through the former customer’s testimonials about the experiences they had with the workers and company representatives. Always consider three companies instead of single. It will help you compare the quality of services as well as the expenses. 

Ask all three companies to provide written estimates. Compare those estimates including material cost, installation charges, insurance and post installation maintenance.


Finding the right shower glass that possibly appears to be suitable for your needs, sounds an impossible task. But this post provided you enough information that you can use to choose the most suitable material and service provider to finish your bathroom renovation in no time!

No matter what style and material you choose, on thing is for sure, you’ll want it to give your bathroom more luxurious and sparkling look. 

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