Complete Guide on How to Start a Class Action Lawsuit

Are you dealing with a problem caused by a big company or someone else’s actions? Wondering how to seek fairness without facing it alone? Then here you have the solution. Go for a class action lawsuit. 

So, how to start a class action lawsuit? Many people want to know the process to start it. Are you one of them? Then this blog is for you. 

Here, I will share a proper guide on starting a class action lawsuit and what you need for it. So, let’s start the discussion with the definition of it. 

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is like teamwork for fairness. It happens when a bunch of people who faced similar problems join forces to take on a big company or someone who wronged them. 

Instead of everyone fighting alone, they team up and file one big lawsuit together. Usually, these lawsuits are about money issues caused by companies or individuals.

How Do Class Action Lawsuits Work?

First, there are some people called named plaintiffs. They represent a big group of folks who’ve faced similar problems. These named plaintiffs start things off by filing the lawsuit and staying involved in all the legal stuff.

Then there are lots of others with similar complaints. They can choose to join the class action or handle things on their own. But before the court says it’s a class action, they need to make sure all the complaints are alike. Once the court gives the go-ahead, it’s official.

The best part about class actions is they save a ton of time and money. Instead of dealing with tons of separate cases, it’s all wrapped up in one. So if lots of people got hurt in the same way by the same company, it’s easier for everyone to team up.

Throughout the process, the lead plaintiff and their lawyers act as the team captains. They make sure everyone’s voice is heard and they fight for fairness. 

And before the court gives the green light, they double-check that all the complaints are super similar. That way, everyone in the group gets treated fairly.

What Is Required for a Class Action Lawsuit?

Let’s learn here why a class action lawsuit is required. 

An Actual Controversy or Dispute Under the Law 

First, you must ensure that there is a real legal issue. This means there is a clear violation of the law affecting a bunch of people in similar ways. 

There must be a solid legal reason to take action against shady business practices, faulty products causing harm, or breaches of contracts. With it, action taken may succeed.

Objective Criteria to Define the Class of Plaintiffs 

It is really important to figure out who can join the class action. You and your legal team need to set clear and fair rules to decide who’s in. This way, there is no confusion and only people with similar legal claims are part of the group. 

Clear criteria, whether it’s about setting a specific time frame, location, or type of harm suffered, are essential. They help maintain organization and ensure that fake claims don’t slip through.


In class actions, having a lot of people affected is really important. Courts usually want a certain number of plaintiffs to make sure it is a big enough group. While there’s no set number, it’s usually best to have at least 40 or more plaintiffs. 

However, successful class actions often involve hundreds or even thousands of people joining together. This shows the power of unity in these cases, as they seek justice.

Commonality and Typicality 

To move forward with a class action, everyone affected should face similar problems. These common legal or factual issues are at the heart of the lawsuit and must be part of each person’s claim. 

Also, the lead plaintiffs should be good representatives of the whole group, meaning their situation mirrors that of everyone else. This ensures that everyone’s concerns are taken care of during the legal process.

Requirements Adequacy of Representation

The lead plaintiffs have a big responsibility representing the whole group. They need to show they can stand up for everyone fairly and without any conflicts of interest. 

Their legal team needs to be top-notch. They should have the right skills and resources to handle such a complex case. Having the best representation is crucial to making sure everyone gets a fair chance at justice.

An Actual Dispute or Controversy Violating the Law

How to start a class action lawsuit, there must be a genuine legal problem. There must be something that goes against the law. This could be anything from unfair business practices to faulty products. The people leading the charge, known as named plaintiffs, need solid legal grounds to seek compensation. 

Furthermore, everyone in the group must have something in common like being affected by the same problem. Without a clear legal issue impacting many people, there’s no grounds to start a class action lawsuit.

What are the stages of a class action lawsuit?

There are some stages of it. You must follow these stages to start one. Let’s have a look at the stages of it. 

Stage 1: Filing the Lawsuit

To start, the lawsuit begins. Once thorough research is done, the complaint is submitted. It explains everything that went wrong, who’s responsible, and who’s been impacted.. This sets the legal wheels in motion.

Stage 2: Discovery

Now comes the part where both sides dig deep into the evidence. This is called discovery. They exchange all sorts of requests for documents, answer written questions, and conduct interviews under oath. It’s like a legal treasure hunt to gather all the facts.

Stage 3: Settlement: Preliminary Approval

Most class actions end in a settlement before trial. After lots of negotiation, if everyone agrees, they take the settlement to the court for approval. If the court gives the thumbs up, they move on to the next step.

Stage 4: Class Notice

Once the settlement gets the green light, everyone in the class gets notified about it. They learn about their options, like whether to join in or opt out of the settlement.

Step 5: Final Approval

Lastly, there’s a final fairness hearing where the court checks everything over one last time. If all is good, the settlement gets final approval, and the benefits are handed out to everyone involved.

How Do you Start a Class Action Lawsuit?

Start by contacting a class action attorney. They’ll help you start the lawsuit by filing a complaint with the court.

This complaint explains what happened and why you think there’s a legal reason for your claim. If the court agrees your case qualifies as a class action, it can certify it. 

Then, others who’ve been similarly affected can join in as part of the group if they want. But remember, joining isn’t mandatory – eligible people can opt to handle things on their own. 

Also, it is important to check for any agreements that might block class actions, like contracts with certain service providers.


Finally, class action lawsuits let people with similar problems work together to seek fairness. When you have to handle any complex legal issues, go for it. Talk to a lawyer to understand your options, especially, when you are in a group. So, it makes your work easier 

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