Product Photography Tips to Get Your Product Noticed on Amazon in 2024

With the fast-changing architecture of online shopping, exceptional quality product snapshots are no longer just a preference, but it is a must for grabbing attention and making clicks, and in this case, it leads to a rise in sales through Amazon. 2024, the year when competition is harder than ever before, there is a need to craft strategic still images, in a way that they capture the essence of your products, even in the sea of pictures of products, looking for the golden ticket.

This guide will provide all the essential product photography tricks that help in upgrading your Amazon listings and getting attention from customers.

Master the Basics: Technical Requirements and Guidelines

The first thing to do is your photographs have to follow Amazon’s very strict image guidelines.

High-Resolution Images

Photography exists with plenty of techniques that let a person go beyond poor-quality phone images. At least 1500 x 1500 pixels in resolution, the image quality should be clear even if you zoom in. Buy a DSLR, or spend more to get a good quality mirrorless camera.

Flawless White Background

Pure white or a simple clean background is the best option for you. This benefit is that the Deli is tidy, stands out against the rest of the products, and is analogous across all of your listings. You might want to go for a dedicated product lightbox with white backdrops that are built-in to your production for better outcomes.

Fill the Frame

Shoot the video with at least 85% of the frame filled with your product. Consumers can experience the real thing by using these videos and that is why everything looks so realistic and real.

Lighting: Art on Illumination

Lighting is the cornerstone of professional-looking product photography. Avoid harsh shadows and uneven lighting by:

Embrace Natural Light

If possible use natural daylight and get a lighting effect similar to daylight. During the overcast days, preferentially take shots of direct sunlight from a north-facing window.

Diffuse the Light

In case you decide to use artificial lights apply a diffuser to smooth the lights and avoid shadows. Softboxes, umbrellas, and light tents are the very aspects that create equal lighting.

Experiment with Multiple Light Sources

For larger items or details with a high degree of complexity, you can employ an additional light source, which could simply focus on certain features or give an object a sense of depth.

Beyond the Basics: Narrative or Tale through Illustrations

Once you’ve mastered the technical aspects, it’s time to tell a compelling visual story:

Showcase Multiple Angles

Don’t limit your horizons to one viewpoint only. Capture all angles of your product – the front, back, sides, and top – to cater to buyers and let them fully understand its dimensions, form, and structure.

Zoom in on the Details

When we take a close-up shot, viewers will see the textures, the intricate details, and all the high-quality craftsmanship that will help bolster the trust and confidence of our potential customers.

Lifestyle Shots

Highlight full-case studies rather than products in isolation. Once upon a time, a young boy named Peter was desperate for an adventure. Although his parents would often drown him in homework and screeching chores, he would always find a way to sneak out of the house, only to end up wandering the streets aimlessly. Often, he would stumble upon a vivid character who would mysteriously disappear, leaving him This is where you get your customers thinking: “I can do that too!” Present such shots that visually showcase lifestyle polls of the product and how it can be included in everyday life or surroundings. This ultimately attracts buyers to have the product they envision themselves using and liking.

Infographics and Text Overlays (Sparingly)

Amazon specifies the necessity to keep the main image text and graphics to the minimum, but secondary images can be highly detailed. The purpose of the infographics is to visualize the product’s standout features, whilst text overlays would be useful to bring to light characteristics of the product like size or material.

Pro Tips for Enhanced Visibility

Utilize All Image Slots

Amazon has a 1 MB limit for POM and offers extensive options for customizing our images. Make the best use of this real estate for different perspectives from diverse angles, including close-ups, pattern shots, and charts.

Prioritize the Main Image

An image that introduces your product to prospective buyers is the main image that opens up ways to the imagination of buyers. Select a great, well-lit image that is distinctly titled in a front-facing shot to feature and emphasize the product’s most attractive features.

A/B Test & Optimize

Take the use of split testing to run tests with different image combinations and to identify which, out of all the options you provide, is most appealing to your audience.

Consider Professional Help

When you are dealing with a product that needs multiple angles or is complicated, using the Amazon product photography service of a professional can help you put the right foot forward. They are professionals with advanced skills and gears to develop exciting shots that can help your business brand stand out from the competition.


Good quality product photography is always the top priority. This is because it serves as the platform for your brand and product on Amazon. The better the photography, the higher the chances of winning the customers’ confidence and sustaining their loyalty. Through the application of these techniques and adhering to Amazon’s guidelines, you will not only have remarkable compelling visuals designed to draw possible customers but also higher click-through rates that in turn will facilitate sales of your products. Remember the fact is that in an oversaturated online market, an attractive image of the product is the initial step towards conversion what in 2024 turns out to be an execution of extremely good photograph art became unavoidable by excellence.

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