A Guide Through Minneapolis Nightlife

Minneapolis has beautiful lakes, incredible breweries, and one of the most unique cuisines on the continent. Besides this, it has amazing nightlife, making it a must-visit for couples and singles alike.

Minneapolis’s living cost is 1% lower than the national average, meaning you can’t classify it as expensive or cheap. This reflects on the cost of spending a night out, as well.

Also, according to the Minneapolis crime data for 2023, it might be better to avoid traveling on foot at nighttime. Still, cab services and Uber are more than decent. This is also something you have to consider when calculating your nightlife budget.

With all this considered, here’s a brief guide through Minneapolis nightlife.

  1. Music scene

Nightlife is synonymous with good music. Regardless if you want to go out dancing or enjoy listening to a group of talented musicians, you’ll want to find the right spot. Also, this is an excellent idea for those organizing a first date. Still, finding the right place is not easy.

First of all, it all depends on the size of the venue and the concert in question. For instance, a major artist or band could pull a U.S. Bank Stadium or Target Center. The thing is that these massive concerts seem too cosmopolitan (there’s really no difference between Minneapolis and any other place they visit).

Instead, you should focus on mid-size and smaller venues. First Avenue, The Armory, or The Cabooze are the first three places that come to mind.

On the other hand, you might be looking for something even more intimate. In that case, Dakota Jazz Club, Icehouse MPLS, or Fine Line Music Café might be your place.

  1. Breweries and distilleries

Minneapolis has some of the best breweries and distilleries around. Going to a baar to taste a brew is one thing, but going to a distillery or a brewery is the next level. Here, you get to feel the entire process and develop more appreciation for it all. Here are some ideas for those who are interested.

This goes without saying, but planning a Twin Cities breweries and distilleries tour is far better than focusing exclusively on Minneapolis. This way, you can expand your tour to places like Inver Grove Brewing Co. A visit to this place early in the morning (should you plan your tour this way) is colloquially referred to as drunch.

Once you get to Minneapolis, you’ll find many amazing breweries within walking distance. Just make sure that you’re not too tipsy and that you can actually make the walk. Able Seedhouse and Brewery, Brauhaus Brew Labs, and Sociable Cider Werks are nearby. 

  1. Nightclubs

In many contexts, nightclubs are synonymous with nightlife. This is a fantastic opportunity to get entertainment, meet new people, and relieve stress. Not all nightclubs are the same, and the fact that Minneapolis offers a great variety of options is a huge plus.

Right off the bet, you probably want to consider visiting Ground Zero Nightclub. It’s one of the most famous nightclubs in all of Minnesota. However, this is both a blessing and a curse. Its fame contributes to it always being packed with tourists.

Another similar option to this is The Pourhouse. It’s a great place to dance, mingle, and meet new people.

Alibi Lounge is a mandatory stop for those who want to sample authentic Minneapolis nightlife. The place is amazing and has an incredible musical repertoire.

Now, if you’re interested in something more “adult” for your night out, visiting Rick’s Cabaret might be worthwhile. The place is open day and night and has excellent bottle service.

  1. Foodie Tour of Minneapolis

Minnesota is a place renowned for its German and Nordic cuisine. It’s also a home of hotdish, wild rice, and Juicy Lucy. There are many places where a visitor to Minneapolis could get to sample most of these dishes.

Hotdish is a culinary miracle consisting of canned cream of mushroom soup and canned vegetables. The rest of the ingredients may vary, but it’s a unique dish that’s hard to find a comparison. The Buttered Tin, The Mason Jar, and The Bulldog Northeast are places where you can find great hotdish.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the cheese in the cheeseburger was on the inside of the meat instead on top? Well, Minnesotans have, and the result is Juicy Lucy. One of the best places to try this authentic Minnesotan dish is the 5-8 restaurant.

Minneapolis also has some of the best Chinese restaurants, on par with some of the best in America. They, too, are worth checking out.

Wrap up

There’s no recipe for an ultimate night out because different people have different tastes. Still, Minneapolis will provide you with all the necessary ingredients to make this mixture happen. Remember, you don’t have to restrict yourself to one venue or activity per night. Just find the itinerary you like most and devise a realistic timeline/budget to see it all through. Now, go out and have some fun!