December 9, 2021

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A Guide to Security Cameras Installation for Apartments

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first digital surveillance

Do you want to put in a new security camera in your apartment? Would you like to have a bird’s-eye view of the entire building? Would you like to have everything on your smartphone? The world has progressed, and the security camera installation system has as well.

These cameras are available in a variety of resolutions, capacities, and features. Some cameras are frequently used indoors, while others are frequently used outside. Security cameras come with several functions, including wide-angle and zoom coverage systems, as well as the ability to read license plates.

In an apartment, a security camera is just as necessary as it is in other places. However, an apartment owner has greater challenges than a single-family homeowner. Because the rate of crime is rising, it is important to install high-quality CCTV cameras.

Types of apartment cameras 

Bullet Camera 

The bullet camera is mount to your ceiling. It is best for monitoring long distances. It focuses on specific parts of your property. 

Dome Cameras 

It can capture wide angles. This type of camera is durable. Mostly installed on the wall. 

PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras can easily track put to 360-degree wide view. It can be re-centered remotely with the help of an app. 

Turret Camera

This is best for low light and users can easily redirect them because it has a ball-and-socket joint. 

Hand-wire Security Camera installation 

Hardwired camera systems traditionally require wiring for both light and internet connection, which can necessitate cutting holes in walls to run cables and pipes. In other circumstances, tearing down portions of the wall. Hardwired video surveillance, on the other hand, has a reputation for being more secure than wireless security cameras since they are less exposed to hackers. They are also a better choice for buildings with inconsistent Wi-Fi or for covering big regions.

Wireless security camera for apartment 

A cable to connect to a power source is a requirement for wireless apartment security cameras to relay video footage. Wireless systems are simpler to set up because they only need hanging the camera to the wall or ceiling, hooking it into a power source, and connecting it to the internet via a smartphone app. Systems like these also offer greater scalability and flexibility than hardwired systems. It has a broader range of capabilities that includes mobile app pairing and data analytics. First digital surveillance offers both indoor and outdoor security camera installers in Los Angeles at your doorstep for apartments, office buildings, and homes. 

Benefits of Apartment security cameras  

No security guard needed 

One of an apartment complex’s main goals is to provide secure and comfortable living spaces. This can be possible by hiring security guards, but this can be pricey. Security systems can help to maintain a better environment without the worry of having many guards patrolling the streets.

Acquiring visibility and having footage of specific events

The worst case is when an incident occurs and there is no record for it. A security camera at an apartment building can help you have footage of any wrong activity. It will help the authorities to gain better visibility for any crime that has taken place. 

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