They say that skiing or snowboarding is very addicting and that you only have to try it once and get involved. It was certainly very real to me. Despite the worst male pain and shin I have ever experienced, life long good posts on You Tube and a strong fear in my life when I realized I accidentally fell into the slalom. Believe me when I say it is an epic poem for those who start skiing with their children!

For new visitors, you are practically entering unfamiliar territory and there are situations that could ruin your vacation if you are not prepared for it. The world on these mountains is very different and you discover some views that you cannot manage. When we returned from an unprecedented storm in the Australian Alps, we learned some valuable lessons. Here are some helpful tips to help you plan your first skiing holiday with your family and make your first skiing experience great.


Unlike a city break, a cottage requires more thoughtful and strategic planning. That’s why I’ve written a special blog post with specific tips on what to watch out for when looking for the best hotel or apartment for you and your family. Here you will find 10 tips for choosing the right ski area.


Alpine resorts often offer discounts if you book in advance and / or online. These discounts can be very competitive, so do your homework before placing an order. Some examples of cheaper prices can be:

Enter holiday discounts

Everyone has to pay an entry fee before climbing the mountain, which is usually paid per person. Car. Control times are subject to change. For example, on our recent trip to Falls Creek, if we got there before 6pm it was $ 45 to get into the resort. $ 13.22 in the afternoon. 13 and free if you arrive after noon.

Cheaper staff

Lifts are generally cheaper every day if you book for a few days in a row. For example, a 3-day ski trip to Whistler costs $ 243 for the next winter season, while a 5-day ski trip costs $ 356. It’s definitely worth considering an extra day or two.

Ski rental offer

It is not uncommon to have several ski companies in the mountain village. Do your homework to find out which company has the best rates and also see their early booking discounts. For example, if we book 14 days in advance, we get a 20% discount on all ski rentals. With the amount of merchandise we had to rent, we saved a lot by ordering in advance!

Check the references

Check if the accommodation you have booked offers discounts. For example, our country club cooperates with a foreign company that rents snow chains for cars. We got a 15% discount by showing them that we had booked at their partner hotel.

Cheap food while skiing

Look for discounts that may be available on specific days or days of the week. You can also take advantage of special offers as this helps reduce traffic jams at some of these restaurants.

# 03 – Tips for getting a ride

Hannah mainly occupied the elevator. Since she had never experienced this before, she was afraid of falling and hurting herself. To allay his worries, we watched YouTube videos together showing him exactly how to get to elevators, apples and T-bars. It really helped him figure out what to do, and even if he did, the day wasn’t like this. scary on the first try.

After all, Hannah and I have fallen! But she didn’t get hurt and she didn’t care. On the other hand, I only have a hacked ego! Laugh out loud!

# 04 – Tips for attaching chains to cars

In most ski areas it is mandatory or not to have snow chains in the car. This is especially important if you are new to driving in icy conditions or if the weather is bad. Each ski area has a small spot at the bottom of the hill where you can stop and rent some. They are not too expensive. We had AUD 32 with us for 4 nights and they had a free policy even when the channels were not in use.

If you have a four-wheel drive vehicle, check the chains. If not, check if your vehicle is driving a front or rear wheel as this will determine which tires need tracks. The chain should only be placed on two bases.

The problem with chains is that you have to put them on and off. Misuse can cause pain when touching. My very smart ex-husband had to lie on his back in dirty mud for a year to help the family loosen the chains because everything went wrong. And the problem, of course, was the inside and under the steering wheel, so he had to be under the car. It goes without saying that it was a very dirty process, but it was a very satisfying family.

Like the cable car, You Tube is a great source of “funny” videos. I can suggest you take a look at some to get an idea of ​​some uses of snow chains.

Also, wrap a towel when it’s completely wet so you can clean it before getting in the car. Another helpful tip is to invest in thinner gloves that will keep your fingers dry and warm. These chains are difficult to use cold with bare hands and normal ski gloves can be too thick. Your fingers should be quick enough to work with the chains.


Did you know that a conventional diesel engine in cars increases thickness or reaches a cloud point at lower temperatures? This can prevent you from even starting your car. So many new people have been arrested.

Make sure you take Alpine Diesel before heading up the mountain. Alpine Diesel is a fuel that burns at lower temperatures. Don’t get stuck in the mountains!


If you go uphill and leave the car there for a while, bring a shovel and an ice scraper. Our cars were completely covered in snow and it took hard work not only to clear the snow around the car, but also to clear the ice from all the windows and mirrors. Remember not to leave a shovel and squeegee in stock! We didn’t learn the hard way!


If you tend to move, be prepared for winding roads. If you prefer non-drug solutions, wrap green apples, raw ginger, mint and something tasty with an undesirable taste from a close patient. Organic herbal tablets are also available at the drugstore or pharmacy. If you don’t mind taking the medicine, getting rid of motion sickness or other more potent medications, talk to your doctor.

# 08 – SKI

Ski lessons are compulsory for all beginners. In fact, I recommend that you take classes most days while you are there. The fastest way to learn skiing and snowboarding for you and your children is in a safe and fun environment.

I remember running for the first time in a ski resort. When we reached Remarkable in beautiful Queen’s Town, New Zealand, I ran with many skiers who, I believe, underestimated the steep climb. I thought: “I can’t do this race!” On day 9 and ski lesson number 4, I moved on to a higher lesson and after a very scary descent, the instructor encouraged us to go back and appreciate what we had achieved. See, this is the same race that I saw on the first day. I couldn’t believe it and I’ve been holding on ever since! He found me!

Ski schools are also a great way for parents with ski and snowboard experience to ski difficult slopes without worrying about the little ones. If every member of the family is skiing for the first time, he or she considers booking a private lesson. This is how we learn to ski together!

If the ski ladder is a ski lift, do not pull the ski with your feet. Just wear them. You can also ask the ski school if the children need their poles. Our me and all the jokes did not follow and at the end of the day we lost 3 out of 7 sentences!


Here is a list of recommended articles:

Lip balm. Apply the lip balm all over your face. Chapped lips are common in these cold climates and it’s annoying to treat them on vacation.

Sun visor. The most common mistake people make when skiing is not using sunscreen on oily skin, especially on the face. The sun is hard at these heights. Don’t be fooled by the cold, the reflection of the sun in the snow can burn your face.

Moisturizing. High altitudes are prone to dehydration and if you are prone to thick skin with dry skin, bring a heavy cream with you. The wind and sun also sweeps your face and you will remain uncomfortable and dry all day when exposed to the elements.

Muscle tension. After the first day of mountain activity, I can guarantee that you will experience unprecedented pain in the calves and / or legs. Using unknown muscles and heavy ski boots. With the croup, you start hurting your thighs, lower back, and possibly your wrists and knees as you fall. Whether or not they work, take creams with you to relieve muscle and joint pain. Strong heat.

# 10 – SKI TIPS

The ski holiday is a very important element of clothing. I have a great friend who refuses to ski because at 2 pm he was poorly prepared and it was cold all day. Thirty years later, the experience is still enchanted. That’s why I’ve put together a long list of take-out clothes and some practical tips to keep you warm and comfortable. See this blog post for more information. 10 primary ski gear.


In addition to skiing and snowboarding, each resort offers other activities such as snorkeling or dog sledding. Your kids can only ski half a day before going out, or that’s enough. We took our taboos with us and spent some gymnastics evenings in the fresh snow. Children can also have fun with simple snow games and you will be amazed at how much fun they can have in the snow, build a snowman and take part in snowball fights.


Bring as much food, drinks and snacks as possible. Prices on the mountain can be rented because you can’t really choose where to buy these things. Also, the options aren’t great and if you have a Tradewinds power supply or are kids used to certain foods, brands or products, the smartest decision for you is to take your stuff with you.

I think the most comfortable, economical and practical accommodation is an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen. We like to go back there for lunch and cook our own food, no long lines for lunch. Babies are so hard to control when they are hungry and cold and have to tell them to wait only 45 minutes! We also brought home frozen food for dinner and didn’t have to reheat it at the end of the day as we relaxed comfortably in our room.


Be prepared to do things when you are not in the snow. They closed the mountain on the third day of our last ski trip. 14 for the approach of thunder. Then we stayed in our apartment all day. Or you might have kids who don’t like the skiing experience (hopefully not!) But if so, what do you do with them? Prepare your routine activities to include them. Bring your own gear if you have addictions, books, games, crafts, and maybe even DVDs.


As always, we recommend that you take out travel insurance for all family trips. If you have a credit card as part of your travel insurance, check the terms and make sure it covers your alpine vacation. Sometimes your regular travel insurance has a special snow cover that you need to purchase in addition to the usual ones.

I think you are now ready for one of the best family experiences ever! Did I say I’m jealous? Try one of these tips. If you are generally lazy when traveling, I must stress how important it is to plan this vacation well. This is not a trip you don’t want to plan