7 Easy Hairstyles for Short Hairs with Quick Tutorials

We keep on experimenting with different hairstyles in our day-to-day life. You can become bored of those tedious looks and want something unique to look glamorous. This is an obvious feeling for girls! 

If you have short hair, you may have a misconception that you can’t do much experiment with short hair. To your concern, here is the list of some cute and great hairstyles, which are quick and easy to perform at home. 

Check out the list of step-by-step tutorials on how you can zest up your cut. 

Easy to Manage: Scarf Style 

All you need is a scarf and chopstick curler or any curling iron. How it can be done is by taking a small part of your bangs and starting the curling process. Those who have thin hair and want more volume, can get the curls in every section in the opposite direction. How you can do it is by curling the first section toward the back and the next section toward the front. This will give the curly hair a look more billowing. Next is to wrap the scarf around the head and tie it to the top. Then you can loosen the curls with your fingers and get this cute hairstyle with some hairspray.

If you are concerned about hair damage, avoid using the curling tool. Instead of iron, you can go with a heatless hair curler set that provides natural curls to your hair without any risk of damage. 

Curls for Short Hair

This hairstyle works perfectly for fine and straight hairs. You can use the conical curling iron to get the numerous curls. Start this process with a heat protection spray to get it protected from damage. This will also keep the curls last the whole day.

Begin the process by covering sections of hair around the iron. Also, make sure to take combed and flat sections to wrap them starting from the bigger towards the tapered iron ends. Keep doing this until you get the whole head curled. The next step is to brush the fingers through the curls to loosen them. Look stylish on special occasions with this cool hairstyle!

Go for a Change with a One-day Color Spray

If you want a quick change but don’t want to carry it out, you can go for changing the color of your hair for a single day. There are sprays available at your local store in a different color variety. Choose your favorite color and just style your hair as usual followed by color spray. Let it dry for about a minute and further, set it with a hairspray to make it last longer.

Do you know what the best part is? You can wash it at the end of the day. A great option for a periodic change! 

Hair bands are Cool to Hold Together

Either you have fine or thick hair; cute hair bands always give the style statement. 

You can change the whole look with a hair band. Available in a variety of styles, from sporty to shining ones like diamonds, you can pick one of your choices. What you have to do is to style your hair with the bangs to the front and then put the hair band on. Pull out the little strands and pull them to the front cover over the hair band instead of keeping it under. Super easy! Isn’t it? A cool hairstyle is ready to give a changed look. You can go with different kinds of hair bands as per your choice.

Perfect Blowout 

Girls with short hair may find it ominous to use a round brush. But it has been seen that round brushes provide volume to the hair and gives them a subtle style. You can start the process by blow-drying hair using a paddle brush. As the hair gets 70% dry, then switch to around and swine bristle brush. Finish the blowout process by using a round brush to let your bangs dry outback so that they look extra bouncy. 

Short Hair Updo with Bobby Pins 

Girls who have short hair use can go for an easy updo. If you have an undercut, begin by styling all your hairs to one side. For help, you can use hairspray or dry shampoo to give it more volume on top. Next step is to wrap the hair in a little roll at the same place where your undercut starts on the other side and set it with bobby pins. This is the easiest updo you will ever find in the list! Since it is easy that does not mean that it is a temporary one. In fact, it looks great! Don’t skip the hairspray for its long stay. 

Accessories for Hair

Are you in the mood for hair accessories? Surprisingly, you can use stickers on your hair as well. If you’re into the festive season, this option works great! Super easy to make and looks amazing. What you need is some stickers and hairspray. Go for usual hairstyling and then bring on the stickers for a beautiful look. There are also other hair accessories like mini claw clips for hair, headbands, and barrettes that work fine with your hairs. It is totally your choice which hair accessory you wish to use to style your hair.