Mastering Your Hotel Casegoods Supply Chain Strategy

One of the biggest variables impacting the hospitality industry is when other people or servicer providers enter the equation. Also, it is only possible to complete the project through external hor management help. Collaborating with partners like hospitality furniture suppliers, not under your direct access, does not mean that a few things are outside your control. So, your hotel casegood supplier needs to contend with hurdles and setbacks, which ultimately will create an effect on your project.

Hence, the best way to minimize their issues from becoming your problem is to create a hotel supply chain strategy that is strong and flexible long before the project starts. But with proper planning in place, you will be prepared for the element of surprise and be assured of the final result of your project.  

Why is Supply Chain Management in Hotel Industry Key to Success?

The role of supply chain management in the hotel industry is significant towards sustained competitive benefits. However, a balanced hotel casegoods supply chain is the crucial difference between successful and unsuccessful hotel tasks. It occurs due to various reasons:

  • Generally, a considerable amount of stock is needed, increasing stock inventory costs.
  • External factors and seasonality in the hotel industry need help correctly predicting requirements.
  • The hospitality sector has a highly complex supply chain.
  • Perishable products can increase the chances of wastage.
  • Multiple stakeholders are involved in the hotel industry supply chain
  • The hospitality industry has a complex supply chain

In a nutshell, hotel supply chain management is highly complex, especially for large hotel chains. So, look at some of the ways that help to streamline the supply chain management process efficiently.

Approaches to Boost Hotel Supply Chain Management for Casegoods

The hotel industry has a complex supply chain that includes huge inventory, managing costs, and perishables. Also, you will require well – managed supply chain to run a successful hotel. So, here are helpful tips that will help you exert more control over the unexpected and monitor the track from the beginning:

1. Invest in Technology and Software

If planning for the shortest path to create orders and invoices, you must adopt the right technology to ensure a proper smooth supply chain. It includes programs like Excel, enterprise resources planning systems, and other integrations. However, different supply chain sections use different manual processes and procedures to run supply chain tasks. If you don’t automate the job, it will prove to be expensive in the future.

2. Realistic Vision for Hotel Furniture and Manufacturing

Only some ideas are good. Although, only some opinions are possible to complete within budget. So, here are some of the common designing elements that quickly push your budget forward:

  • Hardware
  • Weights
  • Factory assembling vs. assembling on site
  • Insufficient furniture protection
  • Dimensions

3. Prepare a Plan for How to Installed Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture installation is the most important thing to forget until the last minute. Hence, it would help if you started planning from the start of the project so it would not create obstacles. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself while preparing for hotel furniture installation:

  • What can you do to minimize or eliminate damage?
  • At what stage of construction is the installation required?
  • Is every furniture piece suitable through a doorway, elevator, and stairway?

4. Invest in Supplier Relationships

Hotels are in people – first industry, but so are your suppliers. Hence, both industries must work collectively to ensure their customers get their products on time. However, it is easy to forget that both drives need to develop long-lasting relationships to achieve their objectives. However, you can’t force two companies to come together when they have similar values and principles, so it is best to separate from a supplier you can’t rely upon.

5. Create the Right Team Members

In a perfect world, your hospitality furniture supplier will have a dream team of people that only focused on your project. Unarguably, not all casegoods manufacturers will set up similarly or can shift all their resources to working only with you. While vetting hotel casegood furniture manufacturers, ensure that the team you are working with includes the following:

  • Installers
  • Project managers
  • Estimators
  • Engineers

When engineers are on your team, you will likely have access to value-engineering options that will save you time and money.

6. Learn About Warranty Options

Nothing provides peace of mind as it comes from knowing casegoods furniture is protected. However, a standard year of warranty will cover the unexpected damage. But hope that you will never need it, but it is safe, so you can replace the product for a fraction of what it typically costs. If you are sure that the product is under warranty, you are not required to pay extra money.


An effective hotel supply chain strategy is about more than ensuring that your partners can complete the task when it is supposed to be completed. Hence, the challenging aspect is ensuring that your ducks are in a row ahead of time, so its impact is minimal within budget and timeline when any emergency occurs. However, Sara Hospitality ensures professional supply chain management and is committed to providing top-quality services. Adequate supply chain management reduces costs by creating and implementing hospitality product and service agreements.