How much does it cost to study abroad?

Studying abroad is a very crucial decision for any aspirants. The reason is that this single decision requires many other decisions to make such as selection of country, selection of course, selection of university and many more. However, some way or another way all this choice depends on one singular factor which is cost of studying. The reason is that the cost of studying varies from country to country. The cost of studying can vary from mere thousand rupees to lakhs per year. 

So, in this blog we will see that apart from education fees, what are the other cost that includes in studying abroad, and what are the average cost of studying abroad in different countries such as Canada, UK, USA, Germany and Australia.

So, let’s start with the country wise comparison of cost that take place during studying abroad.


Canada is one of the top priority destinations for international students, because it is among the most affordable countries to study abroad. The average fees cost between 15K to 25K Canadian dollar per annum. This in Indian rupees means 7 to 11 lakh rupees per year. The cost of living is somewhat around 600 to 900 CAD per month depends on the area of your accommodation that includes your housing rent, accommodation and mobile bills.

2. UK

UK being one of the top destinations for international student, offers very affordable and quality higher education in compare to other countries such as USA and AUSTRALIYA. The average cost of studying in UK is 12-15 lakh for master. Where as the cost of 1 year for bachelors is 10-12 lakh. Also, the cost of living is also very affordable which is average 500-600 pound per year. This provides a unique opportunity to students to get international experience.  

3. USA

USA is renowned as the ultimate destination for students who wants to study abroad. USA has some of the top ranked universities and colleges that offers vast number of courses in different fields such as business, engineering and healthcare. Though the cost of studying is relatively higher than that of other countries such as CANADA, UK, and New Zealand the kind of overall studying experience student gets during the study is commendable. The average tuition fees per year is somewhere between 12000 USD to 30,000 USD depending on preferred course and university. This means around 7 lakh rupees to 20 lakh rupees per year. Despite of this much high fees, students prefer this country for their further education because of the quality education and the fact that this country provides best placement with highest salary for graduates.

4. Germany

Germany is considered as the leading country in providing secondary and tertiary education specially in field of engineering and technology. In recent years the number of students opting Germany for their higher education has increased and among many reasons the prior reason is the low cost of study. Almost every technical university of Germany offers free education for local and international students. In such a case they only need to pay exam fees which varies from 150 to 200 euro per year which is almost 12000 to 15000 rupees per year. However, a student need to deposited 10236 euro as a blocking amount in bank as a security amount for cost of living for one year. Student can use this money as a living cost during stay in Germany as a student.

5. Australia

Australia having a suitable climate condition for Asian student, is among the list of top priority countries for further education. Studying in Australia cost around 20,000 AUD to 30000 AUD per annum. This means 8 to16 lakh rupees per year for tuition fees. Though the tuition fees is relatively high, the average minimum wage student gets is relatively high than other countries, which is around 80000 $ per year (45lakh/year)    

6. Singapore

Recently the demand in studying in Singapore has increased, especially in Indian students. The reason is very affordable fees and flexible education system. Singapore offers diploma, bachelor and master level course of which the average fees is around 3 to 5 lakh rupees per annum. Also this courses offer placement after the study which provides and unique opportunity to get professional experience and to earn some income during study. 

Thus each country offers their own unique positives that are significant. So the ultimate choice of country depends own students need and suitability to financial requirement.

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