How to be a better piano player

be piano player

Playing piano is fun and exciting. It has the power to lift you up when you are low and calm you down when you are agitated with life. Not only this but learning the skill of playing piano can also make you the life of any social event. Imagine being at a party and grabbing everyone’s attention towards yourself with the magic of your tunes. Even if you couldn’t care less about being the center of attraction. Know that you are giving a valuable gift to others. You are freeing each person that’s listening to your music from the shackles of overthinking, anxiety, worries and frustrations of day to day lives.You are giving them the escape they were looking for even if it was just for a few moments. You are making them happy from within which by far is the most satisfying feeling in the world. 

If this drives you to be a better piano player you are, we are here to help you out. Below are few tips that you can implement while taking your San Jose piano lessons:

Find yourself a good piano teacher

The person who is coaching you to play piano has a lot to do with how you will develop as a pianist. Therefore, be careful when you choose your piano teacher. As a beginner you might have different requirements, you would only want to learn basics but over time as you grow your needs may also change. This is one reason why you should never hesitate to switch teachers and move on to someone who has expertise in the style you want to master because there are many teachers who will give you the best private piano lessons San Jose

Manage your time for practice

Mastering any skill requires 10,000 hours of practice and becoming an expert piano player is no different. This means if you genuinely want to be good at playing piano, practicing should never be low on your priority list. Don’t be okay with practicing only in spare time rather spend dedicated 2-4 hours a day for your practice to show results. Even if you can’t give much time to practice daily. You can do this on alternate days but if you think you can play piano for 15 minutes and do well with it, you are wrong my friend. Playing piano for 15 minutes will be a warm up and not a practice session. 

Learn music theory

Sounds boring? But this is how it should be! Learning the theory will make it much easier for you to learn tunes because you’ll be accustomed to the structure and rules, recognize phrases and patterns, as a result of which every key will be played in your herald before you play it for someone else. This will not only help you to deliver the best performance but also makes you more confident. 

Be slow

One mistake that every learner is sure to commit is trying to imitate the original speed of the song. The problem with this is that when you try to keep pace with the speed, you tend to neglect minor notes and play sloppily which will hinder your performance. Even if you think that you know a song very well, there are still chances that you may miss notes in your hurry. Always remember one piece of advice that’s given by most of the best piano teacher in San Jose and that is to practice a song at the tenth of its speed to maintain accuracy of the song. Getting a metronome can be useful for working out your tomes at a varying speed. 

Set clear, concise and achievable goals

Without set goals it will make no difference even if you sit the whole day and play your music. Goals are necessary as it directs you towards the right action and also decreases your learning curve. However, make sure that you don’t make goals that are very hard to achieve considering your level of expertise at a particular time.

In the end, make an effort, challenge yourself every time to try something new which is out of your league but don’t try to learn everything at once. Learning is a slow process and you only get better with practice.