October 2, 2022

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How To Choose Best Catering In Melbourne?

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When planning an event, the first decision that has to be on point is selecting the best catering company. Undoubtedly, providing delicious “food and drinks” is the greatest idea to woo your guests with the best of everything.

So, are you throwing a party in Melbourne? If so, then you have to be specific. 

Melbourne is never short of party places!

As you are planning an event or party, start with finding the best caterers in Melbourne or in the neighborhood. 

For a lovely event, here we bring you the ten best ways to be checked before sticking to catering services. Take a look! 

Consider Top 10 Points To Choose The Best Catering 

1. Start With A Budget or Amount

The first and foremost thing to consider is the budget for catering services for any event. As you know, nowadays cooking cost is really expensive, so compile all the factors before setting a budget. Start by confirming the basic price and acquiring information on their dishes.

For example, if you are giving a wedding catering to a company, first check out their menu. You can eliminate some items from catering and then set them into your budget.

2. Search Options 

You are equipped with numerous options of caterers over the internet. So, don’t rush to select one. 

The most important tip is to ask around colleagues or friends about the right wedding or birthday catering in Melbourne suburbs. If any of you known have visited an event recently, then you can ask them about flooding. This will save your efforts and a lot of time in searching for the right one.

Consider the advice of your friends or known people that will help you to get in touch with the best catering providers easily. Moreover, you can talk with their executives and and move forward.

3. Check Experience 

Once you have narrowed some options, now ask them to provide experience proof and a portfolio. Before hiring specific services, make sure they have good experience in the market.

Furthermore, don’t feel shy if you are booking a catering service for the first time. You have the right to ask a company about their work experiences. A good service provider will also help you if you are new in the market.

4. Customer Reviews 

Now, come to one of the most important things while choosing caterers. It is customer reviews and testimonials. 

A reputable company always shows testimonials to their customers. Also, they will never hide the reviews on their services. Moreover, be aware of fake reviews on the website because sometimes Google reviews are skewed unfairly and biased.

Speaking with people who have already worked with caterers can give you a clear idea of their services. That is how you can decide whether that company is worth your time or not. 

5. Give It A Taste 

Whether the catering service provider is a newbie or an experienced one, it’s better to taste their sample. It will help you decide if the food made by them is suitable for the nature of your event.

Every caterer gives their best to portray an incredible image in front of clients. So, it’s highly recommended to schedule your tasting slot with the team. 

For example, while giving wedding catering, clients must taste the items they are willing to add to their menu. But remember, plan the tasting session with caterers at least a month before the wedding day. 

6. Check The License 

As a customer, you should be aware that checking a catering license is very important. So, the first step is to find whether a caterer has a license from the local council or not. The rules and regulations are different for every business, so the requirements around licensing vary.

Furthermore, the Food council provides training certificates to the employees. So make sure the catering service providers undergo the proper training in their workplace. It may include basic food safety and food handling training. 

All the caterers or businesses that sell food or beverages in Melbourne should have a Food Act 1984 registration by their registering council before trading.

7. Flexibility 

Caterers should be flexible with menu options and working timing. For example, if you are planning to give birthday catering in Melbourne, they must be available for day and night parties.

Also, caterers should be open to discussing changes in their menu. It’s important they must deliver food and beverages as per client requirements.

8. Convenient Location

Organizing an event venue is the most important thing for your guests as well as vendors. So, when you decide on a venue, your catering service company must be capable of providing leverage upon it. So, ask them if they are able to deliver services in your venue area.

9. Services And Discounts 

Ensure what offers and discounts the catering services can provide for your event. Various service providers give multiple discounts.

Some companies offer pre-set menus, but others can customize orders for your clients. For example, if you want to host an event where guests are free to select whatever they want, the catering services must offer a wide range of choices for you.

Furthermore, catering companies also offer services like renting utensils and arranging tables. There are some firms that charge extra money for these services while others provide them free of cost. 

10. Hygiene 

Whether you are planning a birthday party, wedding, corporate meeting, conference, or any other event; ensure hygiene. Hire a catering service provider that is aware of food safety and follows hygienic practices. 

Nobody wants to serve unhygienic food or beverages to their guests, so instruct the company about the same.The way you serve food will set your brand’s reputation on your guest’s minds.


In the end, we would recommend you to go for the best caterers in Melbourne with high skills and good experience. 

With all these tricks and tips mentioned above, you will be able to tell if the catering services are suited for your requirements or not. If you think they are not, then try to seek for other options till you get the perfect one. 

All the best!

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