How To Choose Your Outdoor Couch

Modern home designs have become more about balancing the indoors and outdoors. People are more into making both spaces in their home equally compelling. The idea of creating a connection between both the spaces is also gaining immense popularity. Therefore, if you are looking to create a contemporary home design, put as much thought into your outdoors as you would when designing your living room.

The basic principles of designing outdoors are quite similar to the indoors and the same set of rules should be applied to make your outdoor space a balanced composition of its surroundings, furniture, and accessories. You can’t achieve this balance between your indoors and outdoor space by overlooking one or two elements and directing your focus to just one aspect. Investing in quality outdoor furniture Perth based can help you in setting up a great outdoor space for you to enjoy your outdoor times to the fullest. This furniture will enable you to expand your living space and give more time to natural surroundings with your family.

While there are plenty of ways to make your outdoor setting look beautiful, it all starts with some great furniture pieces, especially the large ones like a couch. So here are some useful tips that will help you in picking a great outdoor couch:

Care & Consideration:

It is obvious that if you take care of your outdoor furniture like you do for the pieces indoors, you will be able to enjoy them for a longer duration without compromising on appearance and comfort. The best way to create a functional outdoor space is to start with a couch or lounge set. Make sure you carefully take everything in account before picking a couch for your outdoors or patio. Consider the surroundings, natural elements around you, and most importantly your requirements and then pick one. After bringing a suitable option home, you need to take care of it as well to keep it usable for a long time.

Look For Durability:

It is obvious that the outdoor conditions are much different as compared to indoors. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to look for durable pieces while picking a couch for your outdoors. If you like natural materials then go for pieces made up of teak, eucalyptus, acacia wood. These woods are durable and can withstand weather elements outdoors. In addition to being durable, pieces made up of these woods get more beautiful with the passage of time and you don’t have to worry much about their maintenance, they require minimal care as compared to other types of woods. However, if you want ultimate durability then polywicker will be the right choice for you. It looks like a naturally woven wicker and is resistant to UV rays and other weather elements with capability of surviving outdoors for several years. Aluminium and concrete furniture are good choices for outdoors as well, however, you may have to make compromise on the comfort as these furniture pieces are more functional.

Weather Resistant Upholstery:

While choosing fabrics for your outdoor furniture, you should go with the fabrics that are capable of surviving outdoor conditions and are specifically manufactured for outdoor usage. These fabrics can withstand weather elements effectively and are capable of resisting mould, mildew, and water damage. You also look for the fabrics that won’t fade because of exposure to sun and weather elements.Polyester will be the best option for outdoor fabrics, just make sure that you are placing removable cushions that are easy to clean.


It is a no-brainer that while setting up a space, looks matter the most. Make sure that you are placing items that will look great in the available space. Don’t clutter it with too many items, it will make your space look cumbersome. Therefore, always measure the available space before picking any piece. Also take account of other elements to be placed in the space and keep a common texture.You also need to consider the traffic flow and obstacles in the space. Keep your setup minimal and don’t go for too much furniture, focus on accessories instead.

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