10 Activities for Developing the Skills of Speaking and Listening during the preschool

Speaking and listening are the most essential to share meanings. And it is also the most important learning factor that children learn at early childhood learning centers. Because it is the only way, your toddler can learn to follow what others speak and also express themselves. Both are necessary for communicative circumstances.

At preschool in Corpus Christi, various activities are arranged specially for learning the most essential skills such as listening and speaking.

speaking and listening skills

What types of activities are there?

Group Discussion

After any lesson, learning sessions, or completion of any events, the group discussion’s arrangement is an effective way. It lets you know how effectively your lesson was delivered. Because of this, toddlers’ self-learning power becomes stronger, and they learn to express whatever they feel.

Rhymes-singing Competition

Arranging rhymes singing competition is an efficient way to teach them how to pronounce/speak. While such competition will be there, kids participate excitedly to win, and they try best to speak in front of everyone. It grows their confidence and teaches them how to speak, when to pause, and so on.

Story Telling

Once a week, storytelling activity works best at Corpus Christi’s child care centers. Through this activity, kids learn how to say something to someone that they can understand. They learn to use new vocabulary.

Role Plays

In role-plays, teachers can give one child the role of a particular person; for example, tell a child he/she is a teacher and let them guide how to play the role of teacher. It helps to develop the skill of speaking during preschool.

Quiz after video/audio Play

Caretakers in private learning centers can arrange video/audio sessions for all children. After that, ask the questions from that session. It makes them learn to listen carefully and understand indirect messages through the videos/audios.

Picture Identifying & Describing

Arrangement of the picture identification and describing them increases the power of kids to recognize everything. It also teaches them what to explain in which manner. To describe a picture, they have to learn many new words that enhance their speaking skills.

Guessing Game

At Corpus Christi’s preschool, teachers arrange one session as one child does acting of something/someone, and others have to guess it. Through this activity, toddlers learn how to convince their message, and others learn about identifying the untold message.

Continuous Story

Plan the activity in which teachers can play audio of the story. After that, instruct children to complete the story and discuss the moral of the story with others. It develops self-learning and speaking skills.

Secret Message

In this activity, let all the children sit in the round and tell one child to say some message secretly to who is sitting next to her/him. And tell everyone to pass that message and at the end make the last child in the round speak it loudly. All laugh at the end, how the message changed when it passed from all children.

Follow All Instruction Activity

Arrange some events and instruct all children to do according to the given instruction. It teaches them to listen carefully and develop the skill of understanding what others speak.


Through various activities, children learn many things, such as discipline, speaking, listening, and so on. Understand why preschool is good for your child and how it plays an important role in the development of various skills.

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