Ottoman Sofa Upholstery: How to Clean Sofa

The ottoman sofa upholstery is usually hard to clean and typically made of leather, suede, velvet, silk or a mix of two or more materials. It may be difficult to clean such type of furniture but with the correct tools and tricks you can achieve the best results possible at home.

Before starting any upholstery cleaning Perth process it is important not to neglect the instructions written on the label. If no instructions are available, here’s what you should do: Blot away as much dirt as possible with a dry cloth first and then proceed with any treatment that says “wet cleaning”. If there is no wet cleaning replacement then dry cleaning will be your only replacement!

So, here are some useful steps to follow to clean ottoman upholstery:

Make sure that the sofa is not made of materials which are easily affected by water. So if you are not pretty certain about your fabric then try to use a dry sponge or cloth for wiping. Also never rub the material roughly as it may lead it to wear off. Let’s start!

Step 1- Vacuum Sofa First

Begin the cleaning process with vacuuming all dust particles and other dirt from the surface of your ottoman. You can also use lint brush or upholstery tool for this purpose. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it being lazy because chances are there that you might damage delicate microfibers or upholstery with a beater brush. So test it on a hidden place before using it over the whole fabric to prevent any damage.

Step 2- Treat Sofa with Soil Remover

Once you have finished vacuuming, now comes the time to treat your sofa with a soil remover. You can use pre-treatment spray which will dissolve all stains and protect the fabric from being dyed by other stain repellents later on. So go ahead and apply two coats of this spray evenly spaced in 15 minutes intervals. Allow them to dry completely for 30 minutes between each application so that it reacts well with the fabric fibers. Now let us see how you are going to use it properly! The easiest way is to spray the whole sofa from a distance of 15 centimeters and then wipe it off with a dry cloth or sponge. So, remove all dirt completely for best results.

Step 3- Clean Sofa Upholstery with Water based Soil Remover

If you are not going to use pre-treatment then this is the next step that you should follow: Do not mix water based soil removers! This will deteriorate its ability to clean upholstery properly. So be careful to use it in a proper way by following these steps: Apply a few drops to spots where stains occur frequently. So when applying, keep your can vertical so that liquid doesn’t get into the piping because this may cause leakage later on which is very much undesirable. So it is better to be safe than sorry! So once you have applied it carefully, let it soak for 5 minutes or until the next step.

Now take a wet sponge, dip it into water and wring out excess water. So now dampen your upholstery by applying this sponge over its surface. It’s time to remove soil remover from the fabric with another clean dry cloth. So continue wiping until all traces of dirt are gone completely leaving behind its fresh scent in the air!

Step 4- Apply Soil Repellent

Apply Soil Repellent So after using both treatments on your ottoman, apply a soil repellent so that new stains don’t get absorbed easily by making your fabric prone to dirt. This will also help you in removing dirt when it occurs in future. So spray the soil repellent evenly over all parts for best results and let it dry completely.

Step 5- Vacuum Sofa One Last Time

Once you have finished your upholstery cleaning Hobart process, vacuum the whole sofa again to remove any debris which may be left behind! So now after following these simple steps, your ottoman will surely look good as new! So take care of its cleaning regularly so it serves you well for a long time! So follow these techniques in order to save your upholstery from daily wear and tear damage. Hope this helps! Thank you for reading our article!