Top 3 Reasons To Study In British Columbia

study in british columbia

Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia (BC) is serene, beautiful, and very popular due to its natural beauty. It is the westernmost province of Canada with an estimated population of 5.1 million as of 2020. The weather of this province is quite good than in the rest of the country and you can enjoy all four seasons quite well. Canada is known for its outdoor activities and natural beauty so the warm bearable weather will allow you to spend some great time outdoors. You can do hiking, mountain biking and climbing, and even go kayaking in Vancouver Island North.

The province is home to the famous University of British Columbia (UBC) that was founded in the year 1908. Students from all over the world especially from Asian countries prefer studying in Canada and the nice weather and job opportunities make BC one of the most preferred study destinations. There are several student apartments near University of British Columbia where these students usually opt to stay during their time at the university. 

But what are the top reasons for choosing British Columbia?

A Plethora of Outdoor Activities

This province’s rather dramatic and beautiful landscape makes it one of the best places to live in, with plenty of outdoor adventures on offer. From sailing and hiking in the summer to skiing and ice climbing during the winter months, you can do various types of activities all year round. This place is a heaven for passionate skiers and snowboarding fanatics as it boasts the largest ski resort in the world. The snow-covered peaks of Whistler-Blackcomb allow you to experience these sports at their best.

Nature lovers must visit Glacier National Park which is one of the most ecologically important regions in Canada. It is filled with ancient cedar trees and you can also spot some bears and caribou on your visit to this park. Its magnificent scenery makes it an excellent spot for rock climbing and hiking. 

Cultural Diversity

The people of British Columbia are quite friendly and you can find a mix of nationalities living here. In British Columbia, Vancouver is the most exciting place to live as it is home to various universities and companies. You can find a good chunk of people from various European and Asian cultures living together peacefully.

Due to the presence of people from different countries the language spoken is also quite diverse. Apart from the official languages English and French, a large number of people also speak Chinese, Punjabi, and Korean among others. Since Canada is an immigrant-friendly country people from all over the world come here to live their lives peacefully.

Quality Education

The province has around 11 public universities and 5 private universities, all of which are well-renowned for their academic excellence. But there are two major universities the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Frazer University that are ranked quite high in the list of top universities in Canada. UBC is just behind the University of Toronto in the list of Canada’s top universities. UBC is quite old and preferred by a huge number of international students every year.

There are also a number of Government-funded high schools and community colleges available, especially in Vancouver. All these higher education institutions offer world-class education to their students and prepare them for their careers.

So, these are the top 3 reasons to choose British Columbia as your residential province in Canada. The healthcare system is quite good in entire Canada and you’ll find several hospitals and other healthcare centres. The food is also great and you can eat cuisines from all over the world at several local restaurants.