How to decorate a small bathroom?

When the size is reduced, we have to stop and think about how to decorate a small bathroom. If we are lucky enough to have a large blank canvas to fill in, there are usually no problems, but challenges come when spaces are small and it is important to consider ideas for decorating a small apartment. At Jacobsen, as decoration experts we know this and we are always willing to help you with our ideas and advice.

If you are faced with the challenge of decorating a small bathroom, doubts and questions will begin to arise about how to do it in the most practical and aesthetic way possible. Decorating a small bathroom is not easy since you will need to include everything you need, have storage space, leave free space for traffic, play with lighting and also make it beautiful.

Well, we have several tips and proposals to make in this post and all very interesting. Great ideas to decorate a bathroom so that you can take the ones that you like the most or that convince you, the ones that seem most suitable for your project

Every decorative project requires a previous one. Before you begin your design, grab a pen and paper. Take out your meter, take measurements and capture them on a plan. Then make an analysis of what you need for that stay, what you have to withdraw or what you can keep to save expenses. What you are going to keep, think about how to reuse it in your new bathroom. You do not have to carry out a complete reform of your bathroom, but you can give it a new look. As a tip, you can follow the tricks you need to paint tiles like a professional. Your bathroom will look like another and you will spend little for such a substantial change.

Therefore, if the space we have is reduced, you do not want to fill the available space with other elements that are not strictly necessary. For example, the bidet. Think about the use you make of this piece and if it is really worth the space it occupies in your bathroom.

Another good idea is to replace the bathtub with a shower. How many times do you take a bath a year? The shower is much more practical and accessible, it takes up less space and it is also ecological because you do not use as much water. Not to mention that decorating a small bathroom with a shower is much easier, because you will have more space available. However, if the bathtub is absolutely necessary, place a high screen on the side where the tap is so that it can also be used as a shower.

How to paint and decorate a small bathroom

You will wonder what color to use for floors, walls, ceilings and other details. The choice of color is essential to achieve greater or lesser visual breadth.

If the opening is small and with little or no natural light, the use of dark tones (black, gray, chocolate) is totally discouraged since the visual space will be even more reduced and will appear smaller than it really is.

On the contrary, white, light colors and pastel shades are perfect for decorating small spaces as they offer a greater sense of spaciousness. However, if you are thinking about how to decorate a modern small bathroom, white and light tones can be a bit bland. The key, in these cases, is to introduce some color element that breaks that monochrome, for example a border on the wall or that one of the walls (or column if there is one) go with tiles or painted in another color. In this way, you will create a different point of visual interest.

Storage and order

Brilliant ideas on how to decorate a small bathroom will be useless if it is completely disorganized afterwards. That is why the storage solutions that we use will take on special importance since they will help us maintain order and, therefore, less visual stress from objects that should not be visible.

You have to know how to take advantage of all the gaps and spaces available. For example, behind the door you can place the towel rails, they are magnificently integrated and do not take up space.

Another good idea is to use vertical storage solutions, necessary and very practical when space does not allow for auxiliary furniture. A great idea is to place some flown shelves above the toilet. Or if you prefer that these objects are hidden, you can choose to place a bathroom wall cabinet, whose doors will cover what you do not want to be visible.

Accessories to decorate a small bathroom

There are only the last touches left to have a small magazine bathroom with the complements or accessories.

A mirror is essential in any self-respecting bathroom, however small it may be. We need it but it also helps us visually expand a space. It is a fantastic resource to reflect light. If you want to double the visual space, cover an entire wall. If it seems excessive, you can also choose to use cabinets with mirror doors. In this way you will get both space for storage and visual amplitude.