How to Preserve the Colour of Your Carpets Longer?

There is nothing more pleasing and magical than getting a new fresh carpet that is super vibrant installed. A nice-looking carpet will change the whole vibe of any room as well as make any room feel homey. But if you are not taking care of your carpet, it will start looking dull, and that will make your room look quite depressing. So, here is what you can do to make your carpets stay vibrant for longer.

Vacuum Regularly

The fast and simplest thing that anyone can do to extend the lifespan of their colourful carpets is to vacuum them regularly. What that means is that you are doing it at least once a week. Doing so will ensure that there is no dirt getting into it and dark spots forming in high-traffic areas. When you are vacuuming on a daily basis you will ensure that there are no debris settling down in the carpet.

Remove Spots and Stains Correctly

No matter how hard you try to keep your carpet stain-free, stains are bound to happen, especially if you have pets or kids or you are just a clumsy person. But getting the stains and spots out of your carpet is the main thing that will determine how long your carpet stays vibrant. You have to make sure that you are using cleaners that are meant for coloured rugs as well as ensuring that you are using them correctly.

Make sure that you are not scrubbing the stains very violently, you should always blot the stains instead. When you are scrubbing the carpet, you are causing the fibres to fray which will ultimately result in colour loss.

Don’t Cause Stains with Your Feet

There are a lot of people who don’t take off their shoes when they come inside. That is the ultimate recipe for having a dull and dirty carpet. When you are not taking off your shoes while walking on the carpet you are putting on dirt and grime which will create dark spots on your carpet. But what a lot of people don’t know is that even your bare feet can cause stains on carpets.

That’s because your feet contain oil and bacteria that will cause dark spots on the carpet, especially if it is a light coloured one. The best thing that you can do is wear socks,or house slippers, especially if you have a luxury carpet.

Control Your Pets

There is nothing worse for your colourful carpet than a pet that is not trained. When they don’t have any rules and they do as they please the lifespan of your carpet is very short. That is why you need to ensure that you are training them not to do their business on the carpet as well as keeping their paws clean when they are walking on the carpet. If there happens to be an accident that you can’t seem to get out on your own without jeopardizing the colour make sure that you are hiring professional carpet cleaners.

Re-dye It

If you have a carpet that has very vibrant colours, you can ensure that you are preserving the colour by refreshing it once in a while. When you are doing something like this, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to before doing it. Always be one hundred per cent sure that the shades match as well as that you are using a dye that is meant for that particular type of fibres. Always start by doing a small test patch before covering the whole carpet.

Don’t Steam Clean Too Often

Another thing that will often cause carpets to lose their vibrancy is steam cleaning them too often. Even though steam cleaning is a great way to freshen them up, doing it too often will cause damage as well as discolouration. It is recommended that you steam clean your carpets twice a year because oversteaming them will lead to moulding, wrinkling and the colours will get duller and lighter.

But if you are looking for more in-depth advice on preserving the colour of your carpet, make sure that you are contacting the company you bought it from or speaking to a carpeting expert.