4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Rental Home

Whether you are moving to a new area or planning to move to a new neighborhood, the process of finding the perfect rental home can be time-consuming. Taking help from rental experts like N Property Group will surely save your valuable time and make the whole process a bit easy and less hectic for you. In this blog, you will read about the four tips that will make finding the perfect rental home easy and more efficient for anyone. 

Determine how much you can pay

One of the best tips, before you start hunting for a rental home, is to determine how much you can pay for a rental property and where your money is going. When it comes to deciding how much a person should spend on a rental home, generally it is recommended not to spend more than thirty percent of your income on monthly rent. In some cases, landlords prefer giving their property to a person with annual income be a specific multiple of monthly rent.

Decide what features you need in your rental home

In addition to a basic bedroom and bathroom decide what other features are essential for you versus other nice to have features.

  • Do you want a patio or deck in your rental home?
  • Are you looking for complete backyard access or shared outdoor space?
  • Are you looking to set up a home office? You need electrical outlets within homerooms where you can place your workstation?
  • Are you willing to take chances with the street parking or want a garage?

consider what you are willing to give up:

  • Are you willing to give up a yard in the suburbs in place of a smaller, close park across the street?
  • Are you willing to have a room to cut some rent in a trendy neighborhood, or like to live solo in a quieter place?

Choose your rental type

What rental type and how long of a lease term are you looking for? For example, if you are looking for a short-term rental property, then sublet (taking over someone else’s lease or directly renting from the owner) or corporate housing that is more expensive but a convenient rental option for someone new to an area. However, if you are comfortable with long-term rental property, then you can find a different rental property at your convenience.

Application and approval process

After determining your rental budget, narrow down your rental home neighborhood, and find a rental space you want to call home, your work is almost over, and it’s time for the landlord to determine if you are qualified for the rental home. These are some processes that are common during the rental property approval process:

Background check – landlords or property management companies like N Property Group ask for an application authorizing them to run background checks and verify your employment, income, and bank account details

Lease – After background checks, it’s time to negotiate a lease for a particular property. This is contract spelling for your rental home and includes when it begins and ends, deposit amount and how this amount to be treated, rules on the use of space, what is and isn’t included, and other important information is documented in the lease document. 

Negotiation: Remember, each aspect mentioned in the lease document is negotiable from the lease term to duration. It is even possible to negotiate that the landlord tackle light remodeling or painting walls for free. 

Deposit – Most rental property owners require their tenants to deposit a security amount which is mostly a month’s rent. This deposit amount can be returned to the tenant when they move out of the rental space. 

Other fees – If you hire a rental property agency or broker to find your rental home, you need to pay them for their services. This service fee may vary depending upon the rental property location, rental type, and often a set proportion for the first year’s rent. If you are searching for a rental home in an area where rentals are brokered, then in general the longer you stay the less the rental fee hurts.

Keep these four tips in mind while searching for your rental home to make the overall process easy and find the perfect rental space you are looking for.