Under the Epson printer error state, users cannot use their Epson printer. Whenever an attempt is made in order to print something, it shows up an error, Epson printer in error state

This issue can be resolved! (No need to look for a new printer WUHU!)

What could be the main reason behind an error state?

It could be-

1- Hardware related

2- Printer’s software glitch

3- An outdated or corrupt driver

Problems related to Epson printer error state-

The printing error state is a common problem observed in many printers like canon, brother, and of course Epson.


Fix hardware-related issues firstly.

These include-

  • Checking all the cables, ports, connections, even the power supply. A detailed checkup of the Epson printer itself.
  • Make sure that there’s sufficient amount of ink. The ink should be original and not a fake one as it may also harm your printer and hinder its functioning.
  • Even check on the wireless networks, in case you’re using a wireless printer.
  • Once the inspection is perfectly done, follow these steps to fix the epson printer error state.
  • Usually, when such an error state occurs, it is recommended to use tools like windows troubleshooter to fix it.


  • Search ‘Printers’ in the windows search bar.
  • Click “devices and printers.”
  • A window will appear showing all the devices connected to the system, look for the ‘Epson’ printer.
  • On right-clicking on the Epson printer, a dropdown menu will be shown
  • Select the option ‘Troubleshoot.’
  • The tool will detect the issue and resolve it.
  • Try the next step only if your issue is not resolved.
  • Open the start menu then go to settings.
  • Click on printers and scanners.
  • Locate the Epson printer.

METHOD II- Ensuring the ink cartridges are original and not fake or replica

Change the ink and then try again as the fake ones might be the reason for the Epson printer error state.

METHOD III- Inspect and remove printhead blockage

Make sure the printer is in a stable and clean condition in order to function efficiently.

1. Turn off your Epson printer. It must be devoid of any power source.

2. Now try to open the printer cover to access the printhead.

3. Slide the printhead towards the left.

4. Turn on your printer to print a test page and observe the colors that seem to be affected.

5. Then select “Tools” from the Control Panel of your Epson device.

6. Then select the option known as “Print quality”.

7. You can also be prompted by the errors in the print quality report. Resolve these and press “Ok”.

8. Now open the option “Menu”, select “Settings”, and press “Ok”.

9. From the next option “Tools” menu, select “Clean printhead” and press “Ok”.

10. The cleaning process will take some time. Afterward, you can use your device normally.

METHOD IV- Establish stable connections and make sure there are no loose cables or wires

METHOD V – Updating the Epson printer driver

1. In this method, on your system’s keyboard, press the “Windows” key along with “R” key to open the “Run command”.

2. Now just type “devmgmt.msc” in the Run command box and press the “Enter” key to open the “Device Manager”.

3. Then find your printer device here and then right-click on it.

4. Click on “Update driver software” and a window will open.

5. Choose “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

6. Now, it’s time to follow the on-screen procedures to complete the process.

Make sure all the steps mentioned above are followed in the right manner with all the precautions taken. The error is a common one and is not major. Make the most of your Epson printer after it has recovered from the Epson printer error state.