Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Car Cool During This Summer

Even if you take the best care of your car the whole year, getting your ride sunburnt for even a few hours in this heat is not a good idea. Your car’s leather seats and expensive interiors are not meant to be exposed to the scorching sun for long.

Not only that it is unpleasant to sit in a car with hot leather seats and 80 degrees hot trapped carbon dioxide, but also that the greenhouse effect raises the car’s temperature so high that it can damage your car’s interiors like leather seats, staring covers, belts, and whatnot.

Nobody wants to return to a car that has its cabin ready like a preheated oven for you to be toasted inside, but many people do not know that it’s not the car that does it, it is the greenhouse effect, and you are the one who is accountable for not keeping your car cool in this scorching heat.

The dealers such as Jay Wolfe Toyota Of West County, Weir Canyon Acura offer you the best deals to buy the car of your dream along with the maintenance benefits, Listed below are some of the things that will help you keep your cars cool and protect them from this scorching Miami heat:

1. Park your car in a home garage(if available):

 Most of the houses in the United States have inbuilt garages in the compounds, these garages are not just for storing unused furniture or tools, these are popular as parking garages also, which make more sense in the summers right? Why would you need to damage your car and the whole driving experience by parking it in the gazing sun instead of a cool and dry place which is also way safer?

2. Park wisely:

 In case there is no parking garage available, you have to work smart, find a place which is best suitable for you to park your car, like:

  1. It protects your car from the sunlight.
  2. It is the nearest possible spot from your work/home/stop so that you do not have to walk more than it’s worth.
  3. It is a safe place both security-wise and for late-night returns.

3. Use window shades:

 Even when your car is not parked, it gets heated all the time, so it is a wise and pre-tested method to keep your car cool by using window visors or sunshades. It is not recommended to put on your window shades always while driving but when you leave your car even for a couple of minutes, you tend not to help yourself to first put these things on before you leave, because people generally ignore the fact that your car can get heat up to 40-degree celsius in just an hour.

4. Cover those leathers and metals:

 Above all were the tips about how you must park your car so that it doesn’t have to face the sun in the first place. Consider a scenario where you cannot find a single spot for your car that has shade and the above-listed requirements. Here are some things listed that you must do to prepare for these situations and when you are caught in one:

  1. Use blankets to cover your leather seats, steering, gearbox, dashboard, and all.
  2. Not only your car’s interior but also exterior is prone to heat damage, use sun shields on them.
  3. Your car’s cooling system may help to minimize the casualties.
  4. Keep a window slightly open (only in safe surroundings), this will minimize the greenhouse effect by letting the airflow in and out.