Tips To Select Luxury Rugs for Your Home

Thinking about revive the home decoration especially in a particular room? Then, an attractive rug is the best option to have to rejuvenate the decor with minimal effort. Although matching furniture and wallpapers add life to the room but the tone can be transformed drastically with a specific rug.

You must select such a rug which serves both a practical furnishing material and a significant home accessory. A beautiful impact can be made for your home on utilising the right facts to choose a luxury rug as per your preferences and needs.

Read our guide to know about some considerable factors and detailed insights to shop a luxury rug for your home.    

Select the material of luxury rug as per the type of room

At first, you have to choose the material and it has to be done considering the deliberate placement of your home. In case, you have pets and kids and want to place it a well-used and communal living area then use sturdy material such as wool.

This is so, because only it can withstand against stains, wears and tears. In case, you are looking for some delicate option for your bedroom. Thick luxury carpet made from cotton or silk will be a definite realistic option.

Always go for a big rug

To create an ever-lasting impact in the selected room, make sure the rug is as big as possible. Most people do blunder by going with cute-shaped small rugs with funny details and colours that actually make the space appear limited. On the other flip, large rug covers the floor space as much as possible leaving a biggest impact to the room.

It leaves spaces just for door opening and walkways. Always consider the furniture of the particular room too during selecting the ideal big rug to boost up the allure of the room.  

When you can opt for runner?

Any rectangular-shaped long carpet is termed as runner. Basically, this trazditional carpet is placed in the corridors of upstairs bedroom or narrow hallways. Even they are cosy to place near to firesides and sofa sets in the living area. You can use this option for any corner of the home which is shaped awkward due to its ability to provide texture and colour in any bare area.

Consider the lifespan of the luxury rug

Whilst it is about choosing a durable rug, you must see options of rugs made from natural fibres and manufactured with superior methods. Hand Knitted rug offers maximum durability due to its construction procedure involves tying of silk or woollen yarn in the threads of cotton foundation kept vertically.

On the other hand, Hand Loomed rug is easily destructible. In case, you are on a tight budget then Hand Tufted one is the ideal substitute for Hand Knitted ones even this is not of premium quality although. However, proper care and maintenance influence its longevity up to 10-year or even more 

Stay updated with maintenance tips

There is nothing like that to last a rug forever without maintenance. Some easy maintenance techniques are compiled here for your reference:

  • Blot the stain using cool water and don’t rub as it can get worsened
  • Turn the rugs daily to prevent fading to a side due to sunlight exposure
  • Fit the rugs on tiles or wooden floor with specific underlay to avoid unimportant slipping

Luxury rugs bring an additional interest, texture and colour with a personalised touch to your home. To know more about luxury rugs, contact with any modern luxury carpets company in your city or browse our collection online.