Why You Need Dental Implants

With implant dentistry gaining more notoriety, dentures are becoming a less preferred option for teeth replacement. People with missing teeth now have other options asidesfrom dentures to replace their missing teeth.

Having one or more missing teeth can alter your smile, and it has several adverse effects on your oral health. So, it is crucial to get dental implants to replace the missing teeth. If you already have dentures, you can opt for dental implants, which is a better alternative.

The advantages of dental implants over other dental restorations are numerous. Below are some reasons why dental implants may be a better teeth replacement option for you.

Implants feel and look like the natural teeth

Most people opt for dental implants because they look and feel like your natural teeth, unlike dentures that look artificial. Dental implants are as stable and strong as the teeth, so you don’t have to worry about the implants making your smile look unattractive.

Implants stay in place

Dentures are removable and can fall out when you least expect, but your dental implant will remain in place for a decade, and it can even last a lifetime. You are assured of the implants staying in place when you eat, laugh or talk.

Most people wearing dentures feel self-conscious in public and limit their mouth movements for fear of the dental device falling out. Dentures have left many people embarrassed on different occasions.

More durable

Dentures can last for 5 – 7 years, but they can become loose before this time, so you have to rebase or realign them. However, an implant can last you a lifetime if you care for it properly. It makes dental implants a more cost-effective option in the long run because you only spend once to get them.


Wearing dentures requires you to take them out at night like you remove contact lenses, but your dentist will fit the implants permanently, so you won’t worry about taking them out at any time. It takes most denture wearers a while to get used to having dentures, so they forget to wear them, but this would never happen with dental implants.

Preserves the remaining teeth

Dental implants are ideal for those who want to replace their missing teeth and preserve the other teeth. With dental implants, the dentist will not file down the teeth adjacent to the missing ones. It means that you can maintain your healthy teeth while replacing the missing ones.However, fitting dentures requires the dentist to file down the teeth close to the missing one to support the implants.

If you lose a tooth, the remaining teeth will gradually shift to the space left by the missing teeth. Unlike other dental restorations, dental implants provide a supporting structure to prevent the other teeth from moving out of place.

Dental implants are a convenient and cost-effective option for replacing your missing teeth, and you can get dental implants on Harley Street at Smile Works Dental. Visit our clinic today or call 020 7183 4091 now to schedule an appointment.