How To Style Yourself  Throughout The Day  

Style is something everyone opts for these days. But choosing comfort at the same time is a priority of many. You may have dozens of clothes in your wardrobe but when it comes to style yourself for a particular occasion is when the confusion starts.

Styling is all about enhancing yourself and your personality  in such a manner that you feel confident. Wear such clothes that will make you look eye-catching as well as you don’t have to compromise with your comfort.

As said above men have dozens of clothes in their wardrobe but some still are not aware of how to style them. Styling yourself on some occasions can be really tricky at times. Hence you should always know your occasion really well before going on styling yourself.

Below are some suggestions on how you can style yourself throughout the day for different activities you will be performing.

How To Keep Yourself Stylish Throughout The Day

1. Morning Exercise Person

If you are someone who does not wish to start their day without workout or exercise then surely you know what kind of clothes you should opt for. You should keep in mind several points

●     Material of the garment:

 Try to wear such clothes that will allow your body to breath, pull out the sweat away from your body or absorb it. Go for cotton, polyester types of materials.

●     Get the right fit:

It is really important to have the right fit for your garment. You will not like to perform workout in clothes that will come in your way.

Now you should go with active gym wear, such as tank tops, sando, round neck lycra t-shirts along with a comfortable pair of bottom wear. For shoes go for the trainers.

2. Office Look

Now soon after your morning exercise you have to visit the office. Simply style yourself in a  smart casual look or formal look or semi- formal look, depending upon your position in the business.

●     For a smart casual look:

If you are planning to go for a smart casual look simply wear a solid button down shirt or printed can also work for that matter. For your bottom wear go with smart dress pants or chinos and you are good to go.

●     For a formal look:

For creating an official look go with a suit, along with a shirt, necktie and of course complete your look with suit shoes.

●     For a semi-formal look:

Simply wear a shirt along with pants. Don’t forget to tuck in the shirt for enhancing the look more. Colors of both upper wear and bottom wear  should compliment each other.

3.  For Creating A Sporty Look:

For someone who doesn’t ditch their regular basketball or football match on the ground. Style yourself with joggers and t-shirts, or shorts and  t-shirts, depending upon the sport you will play. This will keep you relaxed throughout the match again, not letting you compromise with style. Go with the best and comfy trainers for a stunning and relaxed look.

4. Cultural Events

Right after your office you have an event to attend and you still don’t know what to wear? Then first know your event. You can simply go for a suit or embroidered kurta for men with a mandarin collar jacket if the event is a wedding. For other events such as a housewarming party, simply go with a printed kurta along with churidar or pants. And if you have to attend a simple family get together, go with a casual and relaxed look. Style yourself in your nice shirt printed or patterned or even solid can work along with a pair of jeans, and casual shoes.

5. Night Out

The trickiest part of the day is deciding what to wear for a night out. Don’t get confused, know your event well and then decide how you will style yourself.

●     For clubbing:

If you are clubbing it is highly recommended to wear a bold color t-shirt along with denim jeans or pants. Accessories with a watch or leather bracelet or a belt and you are good to go.

●     For bar and lounge:

You can go for a casual look in this one. Wear a long sleeve t-shirt with a pair of black denim jeans or normal chinos.

6. Casual Date:

For this look, style yourself in such a way that you should have an attractive look without going over the top. Simply go with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of chinos, this look is perfect for winters. For summers wear a pair of chinos along with a linen shirt to keep you comfortable and stylish.

Accessories well with a nice watch, belt and dressy shoes. Remember to play well with colors, go with a white button down shirt with bold color chinos and you are ready to attract your date.