5 Web Development Blogs You Should Be Reading

In order to acquire the fundamentals of web development and further your understanding, it’s critical to conduct internet searches to find information about what other people are doing and saying. Web development blogs offer a wealth of unique, cost-free content, even though reading periodicals and books is a great way to stay up to date on trends. Although sports and fashion blogs initially dominated the blogging world, it’s now very likely that every subject has at least one blog dedicated to it.

Web development blogs can be very helpful when attempting to deepen your knowledge in a particular area of web development. However, the sheer amount of information accessible makes it easy to get lost while looking. How can you distinguish between good and poor content? Due to this difficulty, we decided to compile some of our best blogs, which we urge you to view: 

1. Developer Drive

This is a fantastic option if you’re just beginning out in web development, as it was already mentioned. By web developers and for web developers, Developer Drive provides the most current news in the industry. This contains opinion pieces, instructions, and suggestions on how to start off right. Are you curious about how to minimise downtime? How about ensuring that your website is safe and easy to use? Or do you favour staying current with every Microsoft program update? JavaScript and mobile programming are both taught by Developer Drive.

2. Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer was founded by its creator John Sonmez to help him turn the knowledge he gained as a web developer into content that was simple to understand, but it is now focused on helping software developers, programmers, and other IT professionals advance their lives and jobs.  Since this site focuses on the specifics of being a web developer, the likelihood that they have covered any topic you may have wondered about is high. Simple Programmer’s videos have a humorous twist that keeps you engaged while imparting valuable knowledge. Because they post new articles almost every day, you’ll never get bored.

3. CodeNewbie

If you’re a code novice looking for information on everything related to web development, as the blog’s title suggests, you’ve come to the correct place. This website serves as a virtual community for people who are new to the realm of coding. CodeNewbie offers readers a place to read about job guidance, listen to podcasts that feature interviews with people about their experiences learning to code, and get an honest look into the daily lives of web developers.  

The first iteration of CodeNewbie was a weekly Twitter conversation for coding beginners. They continue to hold the #CodeNewbie TwitterChat, which has developed into a warm, international community of people learning to code, every Wednesday at 9 PM EST.

4. Scotch.io

You have experience working as a web engineer, or perhaps you simply pick things up quickly. In either case, congratulations! You might find some of the aforementioned “beginner” sites to be a little too young for you, which is where Scotch.io comes in. There are a ton of tutorials on this site, covering topics like PHP and JavaScript. Additionally, they provide a number of intriguing courses that can advance your coding skills while requiring little time investment.

5. Codrops

A web design and development blog called Codrops is dedicated to giving its readers helpful tutorials and pieces on the most recent trends in the sector. The website takes a novel approach to content because it features a ton of how-to videos that guide you through procedures that are relevant to all different types of web developers. Additionally, Codrops releases experimental films that highlight fresh perspectives and sources of motivation for resolving issues and meeting challenges in the field of web development. Take a look, and you might leave with knowledge on how to learn a new talent!

Learning new skills can be done in a variety of ways, but if you’re open to learning online, reading web development blogs and engaging with their content might be a fantastic choice for you.

Want to exercise your web design skills in other ways? It’s essential to occasionally step back and position yourself for success in other areas.