How To Wear Makeup That Survives The Monsoon

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The monsoon is at last here to give some genuinely necessary relief from the torturing warmth. However, with it, additionally came its own set of issues that can in a real sense wash away the endeavors to dress up our face. Yet, you can save your interests and investigate some simple tips to wear cosmetics that stays when its downpours.

You will be confronted with the trifecta of make-up-melting powers this season—warmth, humidity and rain. While it may not be the smartest idea to venture out with layers of make-up and surrender to nature’s fits, going totally unabashed isn’t an alternative all things considered.

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As welcome and reviving as the rain is, it isn’t the best thing for your cosmetics. Ordinary cosmetics doesn’t sit well, when wet, and you could even wind up looking like Annabelle (that famous possessed doll). Along these lines, except if it’s Halloween, how about we attempt to ad lib and look impeccable this monsoon.

Go for a Waterproof Mascara: 

During rain, the case of running mascara frequents us, each time we choose to wear a weighty layer of it. All things being equal, attempt water-proof mascaras that will remain for some time without getting smirched when wet.

Likewise, while applying mascaras, consider hydrating your lashes and covers a long time prior to applying the mascara to try not to evaporate them.


A little scramble of shading all the rage is an absolute necessity, this rainy season. Be that as it may, a normal quality lipstick won’t endure the rainstorm spell. Have a go at going for matte fluid lipsticks that won’t smirch for the duration of the day and make your lips look bewitching!They last more and just lights up your face similarly also.

Try TINTED Moisturizers:

A waterproof foundation is an absolute necessity in this rainy season! A flimsy of layer of colored moisturizer will last longer than your regular foundation. A BB cream may even take care of the work!

Primer up, Ladies:

Primer always give the skin a smooth completion. Also, a decent primer will help keep your tinted moisturizer set up and won’t let it liquefy off, during such humidity.A base using primer shields your face from basic skin aggravations like dust, water and so forth while decreasing sweat as well.


Powder-based eyeshadows will undoubtedly surrender to rains. All things considered, go for eye colors that dry immediately. Settle on light brown, creamy pink, velvety pink, pastel and beige shades to supplement the season’s vibes.

Cream Blush: 

As like eyeshadows, powder-based blushers can be skipped for the season for cream-based blushers. While powder blushes are incredible for summer, they most likely don’t stick during the rainy days. Cream blushes, then again, are a delight during the monsoon. Pick the correct shade, wear it, and watch as it sticks with you like your BFF.

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Top monsoon hair care tips:

Here are a couple of tips for your hair care during the monsoon days: 

  • Avoid using hair gels, sprays or mousse. 
  • As your hair gets fuzzy and dry during this season, oil your hair as oftentimes as could reasonably be expected. 
  • In the event that you get doused in the rain, cleanser your hair right away. 
  • Use common conditioners (home solutions) to condition your hair, to shield it from getting dry and unmanageable.

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With the coming of monsoon, dampness will be at its pinnacle and that will prompt perspiring and trickling of cosmetics. Correctly why, we propose you follow the toning it down would be best recipe with regards to cosmetics this season. While you may have just tried different things with brilliant tones during summer, it’s currently an ideal opportunity to agree to unobtrusive. Accordingly, to keep your cosmetics game going solid in the rainy day, make a couple of switches in your cosmetics items and you’ll be arranged.

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