9 Gown Idea for Your Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Seems like it is the wedding season again and all the grooms and brides out there are gearing up for their best photoshoot ever. In such a scenario we have a few suggestive options for you to better your pre-wedding photo-shoot. Who does not want to freeze their moment of absolute bliss so that ten years down the line they look back at memorable photos being clicked of their beautiful moments? To make such moments even better, more flamboyant and more aesthetic, we have a few quirky ideas for your pre-wedding dresses. 

A bridal dress is still easier to find but when it comes to your pre-wedding gown, brides are always found in a dubious state wondering what colour and what style will add more flavour to their photoshoot and go hand in hand with the latest trend. 

They want to make their wedding photoshoot the best photoshoot ever created in history and why not, after all, this day comes only once in your life and you have all your rights to add beauty and thrill to it. So go on and have a look at the few suggestions given below and see if it helps you in adding more glamour to your pre-wedding photoshoot.

9 Tips to get the best pre-wedding gowns

1. Fairy-tale dress

It is important to know that whatever gown you decide on wearing, directly depends on the theme for which you have agreed for the photoshoot. It should match the colour and mood of your pre-wedding photoshoot theme.  

So, in that case, if your photo shoot is Fairy Tale theme-based you should get yourself a gown which is essentially flowing and has a soft fabric which gets easily swayed by the wind. You are here to narrate a story and you should be looking for a dream-like silhouette-ly image and dramatic frames with your going-to-bed prince; so carefully choose yours fabrics that sway with the wind and the light-up like stars or translucent dresses or saturated shades. 

A flared skirt of silk will bring dancing waves and playful bounce at the right frames and offer light magic with an air of elegance to your silhouette. The final picture taken by your excellent cameraman will prove that fairy tales indeed exist and dreams do come alive!

2. White magic

White is a colour of peace and pious beauty. A lot of people prefer to begin their blissful marriage with the beauty of the colour white.  It is about unhindered purity and elegance to keep your wedding palette a glistening white image of beauty. 

What shade of white do you want for the palette? Yes, you heard it right, there is a palette for white as well. Variation of shades.  Or do you want a vibrant white? Or maybe a hint of vintage feel? Or a rich creamy texture? Or a crisp frosty shine? You will be required to choose from such textures to match the style and pattern of your gown. 

It can either be laced with uncountable frills or it can be flowing like white waves or it can be a soft translucent white. You can also opt for a rich creamy colour which gives out a warm vibe to your photos. Also, do not forget to add a tint of interest with subtle yet matching accessories, a classic Mediterranean touch of rare stones or a St. Tropez bronze or white gold will do too. Your partner can team up with you by his similar shade white shirt and a pair of denim or coloured trousers and maybe carry a casual yet classy blazer of a warm shade.

3. Prints

If you are someone who likes to follow the latest trend and wants her pre-wedding bridal gown to be in line with the trend then you should ideally opt for this pattern of gowns.  Prints are nowadays the favoured pattern of many and are doing around in the fashion world. 

The world is literally taken over by prints – digital art, classic and abstract florals, animal prints, quirky fruit and map reproductions, merchandised prints, stripes or patterns, stars etc.– and you will be buying a stand-out out of the world dress that flatters your figure and highlights your personality! 

Make sure that the dress you choose is not very vibrant or loud that it takes over your faces and the background theme and have your partner team up with warm/solid colour to balance out the idea of colour and patterns. This is perfectly executed and you will have a series of elaborately dramatic photos to look back later.

4. Props for your gown

Pre-wedding photoshoots can be a very awkward process for the bride and groom especially when the cameraman requests the pair to pose or sit or stand in a certain way or angle which they might not be very comfortable with. 

In such a scenario, it is very common that the bride or the groom may feel what to do with their hands or how to pose, how to give expressions etc. Most of the celebrities joke saying they do not know what to do with their hanging hands when they are in a photo shoot. Don’t you worry, we have the best solution for you, you the celebrities of your day! To cancel out awkward adventures, add a bunch of props into your theme.

 For example, balloons, flowers, Umbrellas, silly signs, your favourite films or books, your silly pictures or objects, etc. You can even go to the extent of bringing your car or scooter or bikes too! It tells the viewers about your story, where and how it all began, about who you two are as a person and also works as an advantage of helping to negotiate with awkwardness, making you comfortable by giving your hands a resting place. Something to look forward to when you are not busy embracing on to your fiancé.

5. Bold

If you are someone who wants to play with colours and is not afraid to flash bold and engaging colours then you are in for a treat.  Bold is the new trend. Wrapped in colours like red, blue, pink, orange, green etc. You can easily pull off an aesthetic pre-wedding photo-shoot especially a royal blue Indian wedding gown will look breathtaking and exceptionally bold.

Let us suppose your theme colour is red, then you can buy a flowing red or maroon gown with bold exotic red or maroon lipstick. Or even a sharp fitting long dress of the same colour. This way, you are bringing some colour to your photoshoot. 

Bright, tinted, vibrant and saturated shades really pop-up on camera! Ask your fiancé to wear complementary shades of the same colour or eye-catching contrasts and you will be standing out as a couple from any backdrop literally, needless to mention being the centre of all! Pop some colour on your dress and add a bold, funky look to your pre-wedding shoot.

6. No neon

No matter how bold or experimental you want to go with your pre-wedding photoshoot, do not opt for neon colours.  This is a very common mistake committed by the brides and grooms to choose neon for their pre-bridal photoshoot, thinking it might stand out on the screen but it is a common misconception to have. 

Surely the vibrant fluorescent shade stands out in your wardrobe but neon colours tend to be super luminous and reflective in pictures and impart weird whitish-ish hues on various parts of your and your fiancé’s face, lighting up either your chin or below the nose or your skin and the picture in general. 

The result will be ugly and your photographer will be required to spend his/her valuable time and energy in editing the neon glow of your skin and the background in general and you may be getting super edited and over-processed pictures in the name of memories. 

So, do not risk wearing a fluorescent neon coloured gown, there are a million other options to go for your pre-wedding photoshoot. You do not want to look like two glowing bulbs against a super white backdrop, do you?

7. Heritage dress

Are you in favour of holding one’s heritage? Do you also believe that several exclusive heritages should be recreated and revisited to keep them alive? Well, if you share such a vision, it is advised that you opt for a photo shoot where your dress/gown talks about your own heritage. 

This sounds like a crazy idea but believes us it will be an out of box idea for your pre-wedding photoshoot. You can dress up or get yourself a gown designed specifically based on your family’s heritage which talks about your own history. 

Think about this idea because it will not only be an idea out of the box, away from the mainstream, but it will also save you on your budget because this specific photoshoot can take place at your ancestral home or your ancestral city. 

Since this idea has already shifted from the mainstream photoshoot ideas, people will look up to you for inspiration and this way you are also revising your own history, a history which was laid down by your ancestors and your dresses and your get-up will talk loud about them. Be wise in being experimental!

8. Comfort

Remember one very important thing before you invest in pretty dresses, it is okay to look gorgeous in shining and flowing dresses but it is more important and more sensible to wear something which makes you feel comfortable and not pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

Before deciding on a dress and finalising it for your pre-wedding photoshoot, check that the dress you have signed for is comfortable and does not make you feel too showy or uncomfortable. Remember you will look at how you feel in your clothes and comfort or discomfort shows. 

And trust us, the pre-wedding photoshoot is not the time to experiment with dresses, you will want to opt for a dress you have a fair knowledge in, the photoshoot is not the occasion to experimentally reinvent yourself. Your fiancé and the photographers would want you to look just the way you are, off-camera. Do get a gorgeous deck-up at the salon, buy an outfit of your taste and matching shoes, but, all said and done, stay with you. 

Please make sure your chosen gown is easy to dance and run around in and fits you perfectly and beautifully, just how you wished it to be. So that you can focus on striking innumerable candid and creating cute pictures with that boy or girl you are so madly in love with! Let your aura steal the show and may you shine through the stars- directing your light in the photos!

9. Be open to change

If you are still dubious about what to wear on the final day and if you still have not planned that ideal gown of yours, then wing it the last moment. Well, remember it is YOUR pre-wedding shoot and it is always in your hands to change your outfit if you want to! 

But before you do this in a spur of the moment, do not forget to discuss your plan, suitable timings and locations with your hired photographer so that you can accordingly schedule a place and work on a pre-decided budget for time crunch to change your outfit in an exclusive, comfortable place and there you are, having a slice of the best of both worlds! Have a quick last-minute plan B and an outfit ready with you for calamities. 

Do not forget to keep your groom/bride updated on this so that he too has time to colour coordinate with your last-minute outfit.

Does not matter if the gown is not pre-designed or up to the mark, what is important is that both of you feel happy and rejoice in that moment of time. Your happiness will surely reflect in your pictures. Be sure to be relaxed, comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear. You are beautiful, inside out, always remember that. You will surely nail the look you opt for. You go, girl! You got this!

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