Is a Rheem Heat Pump Worth It?

Rheem Heat Pump

Yes, heat pumps are very expensive up front, and that turns off a lot of homeowners. They also lack the raw, unmitigated power of gas furnaces and dedicated air conditioning units. There’s no way around that; they just aren’t as good at heating as furnaces and aren’t as good at keeping things cool as air conditioners. Why, then, would anyone want one? Or, more specifically, why, then, would anyone want to purchase a package unit that contained a unit like a Rheem heat pump?

Well, there are a few good reasons for it. What they lack in power and cost in money, they make up for in other ways, including some of the following:

Energy efficiency: For one thing, although a heat pump might lack the raw power of a gas-fired furnace, it’s going to be more efficient in its use of fuel. Figures vary so we won’t make any bold claims, but the evidence is in and the jury has ruled in favor of heat pumps when it comes to efficiency. Investigate options in heat pumps for your home and you just might be able to slash your energy costs considerably. Read on to learn more, though – energy efficiency isn’t the only way you can potentially save with a heat pump.

They’re probably quieter: Since the condenser that comes as a part of a heat pump unit is typically stored outside of the home, heat pumps can be considered quieter than other alternatives. Also, if the system doesn’t need a big air handler, this will keep volume down even further. The same goes for the fact that you might be able to remove the gas furnace from your configuration.

You probably don’t need a humidifier with a Rheem heat pump: Something else that a lot of homeowners appreciate about heat pumps and systems containing them is that heat pumps heat and circulate air that is much more humidified than furnaces. That is to say, furnaces dry out the air considerably whereas heat pumps do not. In the winter, when you might be more susceptible to conditions aggravated by dry air, this can be a big bonus.

Long lifespan: Although furnaces may generally have longer lifespans than dedicated heat pumps, heat pumps still last for a long time, and some last longer than other HVAC alternatives. If your unit lasts a longer time than expected, you can roll that into the cost savings mentioned above. It isn’t just about efficiency when it breaks down to that.

This is only to serve as a short guide. If you want to learn more about the actual features of a Rheem heat pump or see what else is out there in terms of options, visit The reason for this is largely mercenary; Budget Air Supply does have a huge inventory of heat pumps and other heating and cooling equipment from the most respected manufacturers in the business, but they (most importantly) sell them at excellent prices. They’ll even cover you with a price match guarantee. Don’t wait too long – visit their website or call them at 855-473-6484 today.

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