Impact of COVID-19 pandemics on the packaging world

A brief overview

The novel coronavirus is not an unknown fact in the current times, but the devastating fact is that it is not only exploding human lives but also destroying the various sectors of the economy. Whether you take a bull’s eye view of the recent condition of the health sector, business, food, retail, travel, and packaging. All the industries have seen a dramatic fall and recession due to the spread of this corona killer. The good thing is the world is emerging and finding solutions to compete against this silent killer. In this challenging time, the world of packaging is also affected after the shutdown of the brick and mortar business locations. However, at the same time, the shipment and delivery operations fastened the demand for shipment packaging solutions. Here is a brief discussion detailed to know the changes that packaging industries face in the time of COVID. Add to this a few ways of making the custom packaging more suitable and effective are also illustrated. 

Pre COVID-19 era and packaging trends

Before the era of the COVID, retail and other sectors are using packaging solutions for the various purposes that are discussed below:

Shelf display is a priority

Yes, it is true in the pre-COVID time, the customers prefer to buy the product that is accurately presented on the retail shelves. At that time, all the brands focus on the packaging that is alluring in the outlook and able to clutch the attention of the customer. After the entry of the coronavirus, the world is restricted to their homes and work-life, and shopping outside becomes an unresolvable myth for them. This condition swaps the idea of retail packaging and shifts to shipment packaging. However, the need for custom boxes and packaging solutions enhances. The reason is the security of the products during the transit and unforgettable unboxing experience for the customers. 

The tangible factor is more considerable

At the time when customers go to the market for purchase, the tangible factor was more considerable for the buyers. At that time, they have a lot of choices and rivaling products available. But the online shopping is something different the customer can see a pictorial representation of the products but are not allowed to touch the product and their boxes physically. It means they need to trust the brand by just viewing products and their boxes on the web pages and other platforms. It means in the current time, you need a box or pack that show off your product more apparently on the online platforms. The custom printed boxes are a sort of packaging that allows the sellers to portray the real image of the brand on the boxes. These boxes also asset you in displaying the products in better manners on the online platforms. 

Boxes design is part of sale escalation

It was a time when the box design matters a lot for the escalation of the sale of a particular product. The main reason is the way of product display that bound the buyers at the retail stores to make a purchase. After the COVD-19, the scenario changed to a great extent. The huge chaos is created that binds the buyers to stay at their location, and in this way, they have to use the online platforms for their needs. All these facts show that the importance of box and packaging design is diminished. However, customized packaging options are still required to create a good image of the brand and products in the minds of the users.  

Use to check product without fear

It is also observed that at the time before the COVID was not a common reality, customers can easily touch the products at the retail outlets even the open products like biscuits, cookies, and cakes at the bakeries are served to the customers in open headed boxes for checking. After the COVID epidemic, the rules of selling products in this way changed. Now you can see all the food as well as non-food products are sold and presented within the proper packed and wraps. 

Post COVID-19 ear and changing packaging trends

After the entry of Corona in the world of packaging, the trends of packaging changed to a great extent. Here is how?

E-commerce packaging is something different

After the shift of brick and mortar businesses online, they are first required to understand the E-commerce packaging solutions. Such packaging solutions are quite different from the other packaging boxes. Basically, the retail boxes are crafted as per the norms of the specific industry, but when it comes to e-commerce packaging, you can find the shipment box that provides an unforgettable experience to the customer. These sorts of boxes are capable of bearing the environmental perils and tearing effects. It is observed that after the COVID-19 online buying trends are enforced, and people prefer such brands that deliver the products safely to the end-users. The city of packaging offers high quality as well as fully customized shipping boxes that are created as per the need of the clients and provide complete satisfaction to the users. 

Box and packaging quality is part of sale escalation

It is also elaborated in the above discussion that the packaging design was a key factor in escalating the sale of a particular product at the retail outlet. However, after the COVID spread, it is found that the access of laymen to retail points are restricted and online shopping trends boost in the world. So, the packaging choices also shifted from the outlook to the quality. If your boxes are created with robust material and your products are safe inside, then you would gain the customer’s trust. 

Quality packaging that portrays a clear picture of the product

Sometimes the product is presented on online platforms with their packaging boxes. Such type of packaging is alluring and clearly presented on the websites. So, make sure to choose the design that is able to portray a clear picture of the product. For this purpose, you need custom printed boxes that are constructed with amazing design, material, style, and colors. If the packaging is not clear in the pictures, then choose the design and colors that are visible enough on the websites. To select the box that suits your products, brand and also looks impressive on the site, you need to select the customized boxes options. These options allow you to select all the dimensions of your product packaging as per your desire and need. The city of packaging is a one-stop destination for all such brands who are in need of high-quality and wholesale custom packaging

Unboxing experience matter a lot

Nowadays the e-commerce businesses are flourishing due to the widespread use of COVID-19. This scenario would badly damage the shopping trends as the people are bound to purchase even the products of need online. So, the rules change, and now the brands are fighting to provide the best experience on the basis of which they come again to the brand. When you say the online business, then you need there to be a world of competitors waiting for your entry. You need to be perfect in all manners, from the communication to the delivery of the product. And to create such an impression, you need high-quality packaging with some twists that provide an unforgettable unboxing experience to the customers. As a result, your customers become loyal, and they prefer to repurchase your product. This pandemic is still affecting the world, and people are feared to go out of their houses. So, the use of online shopping platforms is escalating day by day. And to compete well, you are required to understand the ways and methods which make your product packaging more favorable for the customers. 

Ways that make packaging more effective for the COVID era

Here are a few ways that everyone should need to know in order to provide the packaging that would gain the trust of the customers. 

provide mini sanitizer with products

To promote your products and to show responsive behavior toward the world, you need to add something extra. So, providing small or mini sanitizers to customers would make your brand trustworthy. You can also attach these bottles to the packaging. The customer will use them to sanitize the pack and the hands before opening. This would also make them satisfied with the quality of your products and brand. You can also use these bottles labeled with your brand details. For such purposes, you need to print the labels for the sanitizer bottles. So, the city of packaging allows you to place your order for custom printed labels. They offer high-quality printing that is also available with custom options. It means if you want a mini-size label printed with your brand details, you can consider this brand for the printing job. In addition to the labels, they also have a variety of shipment boxes design, and you can get wholesale custom packaging at affordable prices from the city of packaging. 

use coating and laminations on the boxes

When the COVID started, most of the businesses shifted toward online existence, but there are few products that are really sensitive. Shipment of perishable products is a tricky job because the chance of damage is there. However, the packaging solutions help to send the products to the customers more swiftly and without the danger of loss. Now you must think about how this would happen. The answer is quite easy. The technology makes it happen. Nowadays, you can find amazing packaging options that also include packaging with laminations and coatings. The laminations and coating helps to maintain the inside temperature of the box that would make the product long-lasting. On the other hand, the use of protective materials like bubble wraps, inserts, and dividers also makes the product more secure. So, you are required to understand the worth of such protective packaging solutions at the time of this pandemic. 

Go for secondary and tertiary packaging

When you are going to ship the products to the customer, the secondary and tertiary packaging is important. After the primary packaging, you are required to add the product to a box for security. And if you are sending the bulk quantity of the product, then you surely need to repack the box or bundle it with other boxes. The third type of packaging is tertiary packaging. These packaging techniques not only provide a safe shelter to the products but also help to gain the customer’s trust that your product is safe from germs. After the spread of the virus, most customers go for the products that are double pack. The city of packaging provides all sorts of primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging solutions to the customer in fully customized dimensions. 

Be responsive and print COVID-19 preventions on packaging

Another way to gain customer satisfaction in this challenging time of pandemic is to rightly use the printing options. You can print COVID-related messages, preventions, and other stuff to show your responsiveness toward the world. This option is only available if you select the custom packaging, and for this, you need a packaging brand on which you can trust. In this context, the city of packaging is a brand that offers high-quality packaging solutions with all sorts of printing and detailing. 

Summing up the discussed facts

To conclude the discussed facts we can only say that packaging trends are now changed to a great extent. And in order to sustain itself in the market, every retailer, seller, and business personals need to focus on the latest packaging trend. Instead of focusing on the outlook, they are required to pay attention to the quality of the packaging. Let’s suppose you receive a product in a broken and damaged box, but the design is alluring. You would never buy the product again from such a seller. However, if you found a product in quality packaging, then you can order it again. This difference is created by the current era where the corona virus makes it difficult for the customer to go to retail outlets. 

This fact demonstrates that the need for custom packaging boxes is enhancing day by day. Such types of packaging solutions are created with great care and according to the requirements of the customers. By ordering the custom boxes, wholesale clients would also get discounts, and packaging solutions become affordable for them.