Effects of the CoVid 10 Pandemic on the Rise of On Demand Food Delivery Apps

The CoVid 19 Corona Virus outbreak has quite literally changed the fabric of the world that we live in today. There are so many factors that have changed the way business is operated; however, one thing that has remained a constant is the fact that people still need food. Our work culture and the way we conduct our business has made our lives so busy that many people rely on online on demand food delivery app. However, over the CoVid 19 Corona Virus pandemic has made online food delivery a necessity rather than a frivolous fancy. 

How does an on demand food delivery app work?

The On Demand Food Delivery app business has been around for a long time. This is why; people have gotten used to a particular flow of the app. Let us take a look at the flow of the on demand food delivery app:

  1. The user and the service provider download the app and register into it. The process of registration has to be easy for the user as well as the service provider (food delivery driver) along with the restaurants. 
  2. They can register either by filling out a short form or by using their social media handles like their Facebook ID or Gmail ID. 
  3. Once in, they can create their profiles, put in their addresses and so on and so forth. 
  4. Now, whenever the user wishes to buy food online, they can open the app to see a list of all the restaurants within their area. 
  5. They can choose their favorite restaurant to find their favorite dishes from the menu and add them to their cart. 
  6. After that, they will be able to add these items to their cart. Once they have selected all the items that they like to their cart, they can check out the items by confirming the order and making the payment. 
  7. After the payment goes through (automatically using the app), the order gets confirmed and the user gets a notification of order confirmation. The delivery professional also gets a notification intimating the details of the order. 
  8. The delivery driver goes to the restaurant, picks up the order that is placed and then delivers it to the doorstep of the person who placed the order. 
  9. Once the delivery is made the user and the delivery driver can rate each other. The user can also rate the restaurant from where they have ordered the food from. 

The CoVid 19 Special Features

In order to make sure that people can continue ordering food without worrying about safety or hygiene, most reliable food delivery companies have added important features such as:

  1. Contactless Deliveries: This feature ensures that the user doesn’t have to come in physical contact with the delivery driver. The users can collect the order once it has been dropped off at their doorstep. The food delivery driver can drop off the food item on their doorstep and ring their doorbell and send a picture of the delivered item.
  2. Safety Badge: This feature ensures that the restaurants that the users place their orders from are hygienic. The app can vet the restaurants and place a little safety badge icon next to them so that they can rest assured that they are ordering from a place that takes care of all the standard safety protocols. 
  3. Information Banner: The worst thing about a pandemic such as this is the fact that it becomes the perfect hot bed for misinformation. People need to be constantly updated about the right information about the norms that need to be followed during such times. This is why; it is important to be able to communicate information using the app. A good food delivery script has the right banners positioned to be able to share information regarding the situation and the norms and guidelines given by the government. 


If you too wish to make the most out of the business of online on demand food delivery app then you have to ensure that you purchase it only from a reliable on demand white label mobile app Development Company. The company should at least have 6 to 8 years of working experience on building on demand apps for at least 6 to 8 years. Also, ensure that you only opt for a ready made app rather than trying to build one from the ground up. Try taking a free demo of the application by downloading it on to your Android as well as iOS devices to be able to identify the exact functionality of the app before you have to spend any money on it.