Easy Methods to Import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail

Usually, when any user exports their data from Microsoft Outlook for Mac. The Outlook for Mac OLM file consists of emails, journals, notes, tasks, contacts, calendars, and many more. Mac Outlook is a webmail client that assists in managing the users’ data and mailbox items. On the other hand, Apple Mail is an email app used for Mac Operating System as it is free. Users don’t need to do any subscriptions. If, you want to transfer OLM files into Apple Mail, you need to import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail. Here, I will discuss how you can convert OLM file to Apple Mail. In addition, I will also discuss a third-party program, OLM Converter to transfer Mac Outlook to Mac Mail.  

Benefits of Import OLM file to Mac Mail

In this section, I will provide you a list of using Apple Mail that will help you to clear all doubts regarding it. 

  • Apple Mail is a webmail client. Most users work on iPad, macOS, and iOS. You have various choices to choose any of the email clients.
  • Such webmail can handle numerous email accounts from different email services in an easy way. 
  • Apple is adding more upgraded features to mail for users.  
  • Mac users can recall their email using the Undo Send Feature. 
  • Mac Mail has the feature of sending later that schedules an Email. 
  • Apple Mails deal to Remind Me Feature of your emails. 

Here, you have seen some reasons I have mentioned above for your preference to choose apple mail. Additionally, I will also discuss solutions to convert OLM file to Apple Mail. 

How to Import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail? 

In this section, I will go through two different methods. Firstly, I will discuss the manual procedure, and after I will also give you a little bit of knowledge of third-party utility. 

  • Convert OLM file to Apple Mail Manually
  • Direct Transfer Mac Outlook to Mac Mail 

Method 1: Convert OLM file to Apple Mail Manually

First, I will save mailbox items in MBOX file format. After that, I will import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail. Just follow the below-mentioned steps for more clearance. 

  • Download and open Outlook on your Mac system. 
  • Afterward, select the email items that you want to transfer to Apple Mail.
  • Moving further, just drag and drop your chosen mailbox to your desktop for saving into the MBOX file format.
  • Once again, do the drag-and-drop method until your mailboxes are imported into MBOX file format.
  • Then, open your Mac Mail and select. 
  • Choose the File option > Import your Mailboxes.
  • Select the MBOX format option > Continue to proceed further to import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail.
  • Set the destination path of your specific MBOX files > Select.
  • In the end, Click the Continue button to Transfer Mac Outlook to Mac Mail. 

However, you have seen that I have successfully completed my entire solution to import OLM to Mac Mail. But there’s a point, I would like to highlight some disadvantages of the manual procedure. In the upcoming section, I will discuss the demerits of the manual solution. 

Drawbacks of Performing the Manual Method 

In this section, I go through the various challenges that users commonly faced.  

  • The manual process takes a lot of time to implement. 
  • Users need to perform manual methods repeatedly. 
  • Such procedures do not support any particular email migration.
  • It requires basic technical knowledge
  • This solution is too lengthy and complicated to understand. 
  • It is not adequate to Transfer Mac Outlook to Mac Mail in bulk. 

If you don’t want to face any limitations while performing the manual solution you can directly opt for simple third-party utility for your comfort preference. 

Method 2: Directly Import OLM to Mac Mail

I have already utilized OLM Converter Program which is a very comprehensive and effective utility that helps me to import Outlook OLM to Mac mail in bulk at a single click. It also convert OLM to MBOX, EML, CSV  This program also assists me while importing my OLM files without taking any risk to my crucial data. When I used this utility, I got an amazing feature, to split my resultant PST file This program is highly recommended by IT experts and Professionals. 

Ending Words

Here, I am going to finish up my guide. Hopefully, this blog will be helpful to all users. I discussed a basic introduction to OLM files and Apple Mail. After that, I also talked about different solutions to import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail. You can choose any procedure for your future benefit.